The Last of Us Multiplayer Remains a Work in Progress, Game Director Confirms


The Last of Us Multiplayer Still in Development, Confirms Naughty Dog Director.

Fans of The Last of Us can breathe a sigh of relief as Naughty Dog’s Director, Vinit Agarwal, recently confirmed on Twitter that he is still working on the long-awaited multiplayer project.

This news comes after rumors of layoffs at the company sparked concerns that the multiplayer game had been put “on ice” (source).

The anticipation for the multiplayer mode has been building since Naughty Dog revealed that their ambitions for the game were much bigger than the Factions mode in the first installment. They announced that a standalone multiplayer game would be produced alongside The Last of Us Part II, which was focused on single-player only (source). However, the project has faced delays and hasn’t made its debut yet.

According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, the project was scaled down after receiving a negative evaluation from Bungie on its potential to engage players over a long time. Despite this setback, the series creator, Neil Druckmann, revealed that The Last of Us multiplayer is the studio’s most ambitious project ever (source).

Speculation suggests that the game will have a “Co-op” focus, as the series has always revolved around teams of two, with one character being AI-controlled (source).

The recent confirmation from Vinit Agarwal is certainly a breath of fresh air for fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of The Last of Us multiplayer. While there are no concrete details about how the game will be shaped, the dedication of the director and the studio’s vision for the project indicate that it will be worth the wait.

In other news related to The Last of Us, there are reports of a remastered version of the second installment in development, according to a Naughty Dog employee (source). This announcement has further excited fans, who can’t wait to experience the enhanced version of the game.

With these updates, it seems that there are exciting things on the horizon for fans of The Last of Us. Stay tuned for more information as Naughty Dog continues to develop the multiplayer game and the remastered edition of The Last of Us Part II.

Source: Insider Gaming

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