The Day Before MMO Fails to Impress Gamers with Dismal Steam Reviews


    The saga of The Day Before has been filled with twists and turns. This was a promising open-world looter-shooter zombie MMO game with early impressive “gameplay” trailers that earned a large following on Steam. However, it has unfortunately fallen victim to a number of issues.

    Originally revealed back in 2021, the game experienced delays, with Fntastic offering odd excuses for why the game had to be pushed back, including unexplained trademark issues. Fans also began to pick apart the gameplay showcases we’d seen, accusing them of being mere mockups and not representative of an actual game.

    Despite all the challenges, The Day Before is now available via Steam Early Access, but it seems it’s not the game that was originally promised. The game isn’t really an MMO, but rather, a much smaller-scale extraction shooter. Moreover, the game is riddled with bugs, uses tons of pre-bought assets, and the servers are a mess, meaning many can’t play even if they wanted to.

    As a result, user reviews on Steam have been overwhelmingly negative. Only 16 percent of reviews have been positive. It has been reported that the combat is terrible, the game is slow, and looting is a time-wasting experience. Additionally, players have experienced frequent crashes, making the game unplayable for many.

    The Day Before is still in Early Access, so there’s always the chance that the game will improve. It will probably never be the MMO originally promised, but there might be a chance that it could become an okay extraction shooter. The game is available now on Steam, but the user reviews suggest caution before purchasing.

    Have you given The Day Before a try? What are your thoughts about it?

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