Tech Rumor: Apple to Introduce OLED MacBook Pro in 2026, MacBook Air Next


    Apple Rumored to Release OLED MacBook Pro in 2026, Followed by MacBook Air

    Tech analysts are predicting that Apple will release a MacBook Pro with OLED display in 2026, followed by a MacBook Air with the same technology. The rumors originated from a report by analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Technology Research, which was later obtained by MacRumors.

    According to the report, the MacBook Pro with OLED will come in 14-inch and 16-inch models, with an expected release date of 2026. Additionally, Pu predicts that the iPad Pro will also receive an OLED upgrade in 2024, with Apple aiming to ship around 10 million units in the first year.

    This news aligns with previous rumors suggesting that Apple is planning to launch OLED iPad Pro models in 2024, and the idea that the MacBook Pro will benefit from OLED technology in 2026 has been advanced by other sources as well.

    The MacBook Air is also said to be under development for an OLED upgrade, but the release date for this model remains unclear. Some reports suggest that the MacBook Air with OLED could arrive in 2027, but as with any long-term plans, there is always the possibility of changes.

    While OLED monitors are becoming more popular, concerns about burn-in persist, especially on devices with constant static elements. It is speculated that Apple may be cautious about how to mitigate such risks, which could potentially impact the timeline for releasing OLED MacBooks and other devices.

    Overall, the industry is expecting a consistent rollout of OLED technology in Apple’s lineup, with the iPad Pro leading the way in 2024, and the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air following in the subsequent years. However, given the nature of the technology industry, plans are always subject to change.

    As the gaming and technology industries continue to evolve, the arrival of OLED display technology in Apple’s lineup is highly anticipated, but consumers may have to wait a bit longer for the future of MacBooks and other Apple devices to come to fruition.

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