Surprising Benchmark Leak Questions Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ Claim for M3 Pro CPU


Apple’s New M3 Pro Chip May Not Be Much Faster Than M2 Pro, According to Leaked Benchmark

An early leaked benchmark suggests that Apple’s new M3 Pro chip may not be significantly faster than its predecessor.

The benchmark, posted by Vadim Yuryev of Max Tech on YouTube, shows that the M3 Pro scored 15,173 in multi-core performance, compared to the M2 Max‘s score of 15,242. While the M3 Pro has a 14% lead in single-core performance, it is only 6% faster in multi-core performance.

The benchmark, which appears to be from a Geekbench 6 test conducted on a new MacBook Pro 14-inch, indicates that while the M3 Pro benefits from a new architecture and more advanced manufacturing process (3nm), the M2 Pro narrows the performance gap with its 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.

However, it is important to note that this leaked benchmark is just one result and may not be representative of real-world performance or other benchmarks. It should also be approached with skepticism until further tests are conducted.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions Yet

Although the leaked benchmark results for the M3 Pro may be disappointing, it is still too early to draw any firm conclusions.

It is crucial to conduct thorough testing and compare the performance of Apple’s M3 chips before making any judgments.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the M3 Max, which is rumored to be on par with the M2 Ultra CPU, may have a significant performance advantage over the M3 Pro.

Some speculate that Apple’s strategy may be to entice buyers to opt for the more expensive M3 Max models, ultimately boosting the company’s profits.

However, this is purely speculative at this point, and additional testing is needed to determine the true performance of Apple’s M3 chips.

Ultimately, it is essential to wait until official reviews and comprehensive tests are available to make an informed decision about the performance of Apple’s new M3 Pro chip.

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