Overwatch 2 Introduces Mauga, The Hero Fans Have Been Dreaming Of!


“Overwatch 2” fans have something to rejoice about as the newest hero, Mauga, has just been announced at Blizzcon.

The tank character is scheduled to be released in Season 8 and brings a host of exciting abilities for players to enjoy.

Mauga adds strength to the tank roster in Overwatch 2 with his dual mini-guns as a primary weapon. Coupled with his frontline breaking power called Overrun and a destructive Ultimate Ability named Cage Fight, he promises to make an impact in the game.

To give players a taste of what Mauga has to offer, Blizzard is making the upcoming character playable in a free trial this weekend from November 3 to November 5. Players will have the opportunity to try out Mauga in all modes of the game as soon as Blizzcon’s conference ends.

Tank mains have been eagerly awaiting a new addition to the hero roster since Ramattra was added in Season 2.

Mauga’s aggressive playstyle, focused on fighting and pushing forwards, is sure to bring a fresh dynamic to the game.

Additionally, he holds the distinction of being Overwatch 2’s first Samoan hero, with “Mauga” meaning “Mountain” in Samoan. Despite his imposing size, Mauga is also known for his tactical prowess.

Let’s take a look at Mauga’s abilities:

Chaingun Combo – Mauga dual wields two chainguns named ‘Gunny’ and ‘Cha-Cha’, which can be combined for devastating effect.
Overrun – This unstoppable charge ability allows Mauga to burst through enemy lines.
Cardiac Overdrive – Mauga can take reduced damage and regain health by dealing damage.
Cage Fight – Mauga’s ultimate ability creates a fighting ring, granting unlimited ammo and trapping enemies in close combat.

Mauga has already made appearances in the lore of Overwatch as a heavy assault fighter for Talon. He fought alongside Baptiste before the support hero switched sides, with Baptiste describing Mauga as “like a demon.” This suggests that Mauga’s secondary weapon will inflict significant close-range damage.

Long-time fans may recall that Mauga was initially supposed to be added as Hero 31 in 2019“, as revealed in an interview with former Blizzard VP, Jeff Kaplan.

However, the switch was made when Overwatch 2’s lead designer, Geoff Goodman, and associate designer Joshua Noh felt that the initial kit designed for Mauga didn’t suit his personality.

After the addition of the newest map in Season 7, Samoa (Mauga’s home nation), it seemed inevitable that the tank hero would finally make his appearance.

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