New Lies Of P Update Offers Free Cosmetics, Bug Fixes, and Combat Enhancements


Lies of P Releases New Update with Free Cosmetic Items, Bug Fixes, and Balance Changes

Lies of P has garnered critical acclaim and a strong fan following since its release in September, quickly becoming a favorite in the Soulslike genre. To celebrate the game’s success, director Jiwon Choi released a Director’s Letter video earlier this month and teased images of Lies of P’s DLC, along with revealing details about an upcoming update.

The highly-anticipated update, Version, is now live and introduces a host of new features and content. Cosmetic items, bug fixes, and balance changes have been included in this update to enhance the gaming experience for players.

New costume pieces such as the Alchemist’s Hat, Treasure Hunter’s Mask, Treasure Hunter’s Hunting Apparel, and Illusory Emerald Glasses have been added to the game and can be found in the “Equipment” and “Bag” menu. In addition, a new category has been added to the Costume menu, allowing players to equip the “Mask” and “Accessory” together in the Hair section of the Costume menu. Furthermore, short grey hair has been made available at Geppetto’s Tools after completing the game.

The update also brings balance and content improvements, adjusting the attack speed of some monsters for a more intuitive experience. It increases the duration of stance breaks for some monsters, as well as adjusts the spawn locations of some monsters and traps to better fit the game’s flow. The P-Organ’s “Rising Dodge” ability is now a default ability, while other changes have been made to combat and weapon balancing to enhance gameplay.

Moreover, new items have been added to Polendina’s Shop, giving players the opportunity to purchase additional Quartz and Full Moonstone of the Covenant at various stages of the game. The update also features a comprehensive list of bug fixes, addressing issues such as unintended Perfect Guards, unguardable attacks, and weapon durability.

Amidst the update, the Lies of P soundtrack has been officially released and is now available for purchase on Steam for $9.99. The soundtrack will also be available on digital music streaming platforms later today.

With these new additions and improvements, Lies of P continues to offer an expansive and engaging gaming experience for players. For those seeking further insights and tips for navigating the world of Lies of P, you can read Game Informer’s review and explore their various tips, tricks, and secrets to help you conquer Krat in Lies of P.

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