Microsoft’s Windows 10 Could Introduce Copilot Sooner Than Expected


    Windows 10 to receive Microsoft’s Copilot AI in the near future

    Microsoft’s Copilot AI, previously exclusive to Windows 11, is set to become available for Windows 10 users in the coming months.

    According to a recent Windows Latest article, the tech giant plans to roll out the desktop-based assistant to devices running Home and Pro editions of Windows 10, version 22H2, using Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR) technology over several months.

    The phased rollout will begin in the ‘near term,’ indicating that some users could benefit from the AI assistant sooner than expected. However, the deployment will be gradual, with only some users initially receiving it before its reach is expanded over time.

    Similar to the Windows 11 rollout, Copilot in Windows 10 will first be available in the US and North America, as well as parts of Asia and South America, with other regions covered later on.

    This move aligns with Microsoft’s strategy to increase the adoption of Copilot, tapping into the vast user base of Windows 10, which numbers in the billions. The company’s sudden decision to add Copilot to Windows 10, despite previous announcements that the OS would not receive major feature updates, underscores its commitment to integrating AI into as many platforms as possible.

    While the initial incarnation of Copilot on Windows 10 may be more limited compared to its Windows 11 counterpart, Microsoft aims to gradually fulfill its vision of an AI assistant that can manipulate various user settings. As such, Microsoft is likely to continue expanding the capabilities of Copilot on both Windows 10 and 11 in the future.

    Overall, the impending arrival of Copilot to Windows 10 marks a significant milestone for Microsoft’s efforts to leverage AI technology across its operating systems, reflecting the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and user experience enhancements in the digital realm.

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