Leak Suggests Intel’s 1st Gen Core Ultra Meteor Lake CPUs Only Marginally Faster than 13th Gen Raptor Lake


Intel’s 1st Gen Core Ultra Processor, Meteor Lake, Fails to Impress Laptop Manufacturers

Laptop manufacturers are reportedly disappointed with Intel’s 1st Gen Core Ultra processors, codenamed Meteor Lake, as rumors suggest that the 4nm-class modular CPUs offer limited generational gains.

According to Moore’s Law is Dead, “these processors provide “no appreciable” performance boost over Raptor Lake, forcing OEMs to rely on AI, graphics, and efficiency for enhanced marketing

The processors were initially touted to feature a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) with AI-related benefits. However, Intel has recently shifted its focus to AI in an attempt to mask the minimal performance gains from the 1st Gen Core Ultra processors. This move has left many OEMs disheartened, prompting them to explore alternatives.

Many OEMs, including Strix and Hawk Point, are now considering AMD’s Zen 5 processors over Intel’s Meteor Lake. The shift towards AMD’s Ryzen 8000 (or 9000) processors is expected to result in more notebooks leveraging these alternatives in 2024 and beyond.

Overall, it appears that the 1st Gen Core Ultra processors, also known as Meteor Lake, offer marginal improvements over existing Raptor Lake offerings. While they may boast power efficiency, an advanced NPU, and a tiled iGPU, their raw performance fails to impress. This is prompting manufacturers to look for better alternatives in the market.

In conclusion, the disappointment from laptop makers regarding Intel’s 1st Gen Core Ultra processors signals a potential shift within the industry, with more focus being placed on alternative options such as AMD’s Zen 5 processors.

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