Last Big Windows 11 Update Drops, Microsoft Teases Windows 12 with Copilot


    Windows 11 2023 Update has been released, bringing with it a range of exciting changes and features.

    The update, which was preceded by an optional update last month, includes major updates such as the Windows Copilot AI tool, Paint updates, a revamped Snipping Tool app, a revised Photos app, RGB lighting support for gamers, and a flashy new File Explorer.

    One significant change is the removal of the integration of Chat into Microsoft Teams.

    Chat has now been absorbed into the free version of Microsoft Teams and will be pinned as a default app in the taskbar. This move enhances Teams’ communication capabilities, allowing for more ways to connect and create community groups.

    According to Microsoft’s VP of program management for Windows servicing and delivery, John Cable

    Prior to this update, the Microsoft Teams app was included in previous iterations of Windows 11 but couldn’t be easily removed from the taskbar. However, users can now easily unpin it if they don’t use the app.

    Chat, which was a FaceTime clone-app, was only available on the personal consumer version of Windows 11. Users or organizations who wanted to use Chat within Teams had no work or enterprise version available. The absorption of Chat into Teams addresses this issue and provides a more streamlined communication experience.

    In addition to the integration of Chat into Teams, the Windows 11 2023 Update also introduces design changes to the user interface. System component settings will now be grouped under the “System” label in the Settings app. The Microsoft Store, Game Bar, Phone Link, and Tips apps can all be found in this section. The Verge speculates that future updates may allow users to remove these system components.

    This is expected to be the final major update for Windows 11, as rumors suggest that Windows 12 may be on the horizon.

    Exciting times await Windows fans.

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