Intel’s FPS Boosting APO Technology Also Compatible with AMD Ryzen CPUs


Intel’s New APO Technology Boosts Gaming Performance by Over 30%

Intel has unveiled its latest game optimization technology, known as APO (Application Optimization), for their 14th Gen processors. APO is designed to enhance gaming performance, and while the documentation about this technology has not been disclosed, Intel has mentioned that it currently optimizes two titles: Metro Exodus and Rainbow Six Siege.

Intel Dynamic Tuning Power

Reports indicate that APO offers a substantial gaming performance boost, with users experiencing gains of over 30%. This is achieved through an implementation of Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT), which regulates the allocation of CPU resources to different processes in a given environment.

DTT has been supported across a wide range of hardware for quite some time, with examples such as AMD’s Smartshift and NVIDIA’s Dynamic Boost algorithms. APO specifically works between the P and E cores, shifting power between the core clusters to increase boost clocks on P cores while doing the reverse for their E siblings.

GeForce Spring 2020 15

It’s important to note that APO does not change the overall power envelope but modulates its distribution between the CPU and GPU to tackle power-related bottlenecks, thereby boosting the processor for longer durations.

Intel has been utilizing DTT on its mobile processors to regulate power sharing between the CPU and the integrated GPU. With APO, Intel has effectively introduced a technology that optimizes idle power consumption by predicting user activity and disengaging boost ahead of schedule, starting with Ice Lake processors.

While the APO technology currently only optimizes two titles, the significant performance boost it offers is a promising development for gaming enthusiasts. As Intel continues to expand support for more titles, users can expect to see even more impressive performance enhancements in the future.

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