Get Ready for the Next Chapter in Final Fantasy with XVI: Echoes of the Fallen


    Final Fantasy XVI: Echoes of the Fallen Is Now Available With A Pair of Story Expansions

    Fans of Final Fantasy XVI have something to look forward to this holiday season as the game was announced this week to be receiving a pair of story expansions, with the first one entitled “Echoes of the Fallen” now available.

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    In order to access the new Echoes of the Fallen content, players need to have completed the “Where There’s a Will” and “Priceless” side quests from the main game. Completing these side quests will allow Joshua and Jill to join your party full-time, even between missions. These side quests can only be accessed near the end of the main campaign, once you’ve instigated the “Back to their Origin” main story quest.

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    Once the prerequisites are met, players can kick off the sidequest by talking to Joshua near the entrance to the Hideaway. Completing this sidequest allows you to start the next Priceless sidequest by reading the “Concerned for Jill” message at the Reading Table.

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    If you experience any issues accessing the sidequests, it could mean that you haven’t completed the prerequisite sidequests. To start Echoes of the Fallen, players can head to Charon’s shop in the Hideaway and select it from the menu. The DLC is recommended for players who are at least in the mid-40s in level, as enemies start at level 47 and continue to increase.

    Players can now purchase Echoes of the Fallen for $10 a la carte or as part of FF16’s $25 Expansion Pass, which also includes a second update, “The Rising Tide”.

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