Exciting Updates for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Release Date, Trailers, and Gameplay Revealed!


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was supposed to arrive on May 26, 2023, but Rocksteady recently announced that it’s pushing the game back to February 2, 2024.

“We have made the tough but necessary decision to take the time needed to work on getting the game to be the best quality experience for players”

said Rocksteady

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is confirmed for all current-gen systems, those being the Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Deadshot aiming down a sniper scope.

The first true trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League came at the 2021 Game Awards. This trailer was just shy of three minutes, but was our first real look at the game in action. We open on Captain Boomerang recording a video of himself taunting the squad’s current target, The Flash, before he is interrupted by the man himself. Other heroes mentioned included Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. After a cut we learn from Deadshot that The Flash is, for reasons unknown, either working for or under the control of the villain Brainiac. After the orders to kill him are repeated, the squad leaps into action in a montage showing how each member will move through the city and fight the mutated techno monsters. Eventually, they encounter Flash again and engage in combat. We get a close look at his face, with glowing red eyes and dark veins showing through his cheeks, heavily implying some form of mind control.

Check out the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League teaser trailer below:

Not to be confused with Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an open-world game where you can play on your own, or with three friends in co-op. If played alone, you will pick one of the Squad to control directly, with the ability to jump between them at will. Anyone not being controlled will have an AI take over. It will be set in the open world of Metropolis, which you will be able to explore in a variety of ways. With there being four main characters, each one has its own spin on how they will play. At the core, it appears that the basics of gameplay will be an expanded version of what we got with the Arkham series. We see tons of flashy attacks, grapples, and special moves unique to each character, as well as a more robust system of ranged options and different modes of traversal. Each member moves through the world in their own unique way based on their equipment or powers, giving a different feel to each member you choose to play as.

In “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” game, these four members are a group composed of DC villains such as Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark, who are contracted by a woman named Amanda Waller. Their mission is to kill the Justice League, featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash. This game will take place in the same universe as the Arkham series and the big baddie seems to be Brainiac.

Deadshot shooting a bunch of mutants.

The February 2023 State of Play trailer was focused on co-op gameplay, it did give some interesting story beats to look at. Once again, the trailer centers around the squad hunting down The Flash and rescuing Lex Luthor. First, the team needs to destroy a massive mortar. Once they take it down and are about to save Lex, they are overwhelmed by Flash. Wonder Woman appears and is the first member of the League we’ve seen free from Brainiac’s control. She uses her lasso of truth to subdue The Flash and learns that the only way to save the Justice League, and the world, from Brainiac, is to kill the Justice League. After going dark after the last delay, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League came back with the first insider video focusing on story and gameplay. The major new face we see as the team explores Metropolis is Green Lantern, which was expected, but had yet to be revealed. The team also made it a point to show off how the tone of this game will be much less dark than the Arkham games. This is meant to match the team’s more improvisational style and the frenetic shooting the game focuses on.

Check out the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gameplay for yourself below:

Future episodes are expected to detail how post-launch support will work, which may include story content. That doesn’t mean the base game will lack story, as the team notes that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has the most cutscenes of any game made to date.

Overall, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is shaping up to be an ambitious game that will give players an opportunity to experience the DC universe in a new light, putting them in control of a group of antiheroes facing the ultimate challenge. With its delay to February 2024, fans will have to wait a little longer to jump into the action, but the extra time is sure to make it a polished and unforgettable gaming experience.

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