Exciting News for Nintendo Fans: Jet Force Gemini Set to Land on Switch Online Expansion Pack


Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Adds Jet Force Gemini to N64 Library

Subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online’s expansion pack are in for a treat this December as the classic N64 game, Jet Force Gemini, is being added to the service’s growing catalog of modern and classic games. Developed by Rare and first released in 1999, Jet Force Gemini is a sci-fi third-person shooter that takes players on an adventure to a distant alien world, where they must battle swarms of insect-like creatures.

The addition of Jet Force Gemini expands the already impressive lineup of N64 games available to subscribers on the Nintendo Switch Online platform, which currently includes 26 other N64 titles. The expansion pack also includes Game Boy Advance games, Sega Genesis games, and DLC content for popular Switch titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing.

Rare Replay, a compilation of classic Rare games released on the Xbox One in 2015, was previously the most recent way for players to experience Jet Force Gemini on modern consoles. Interested players can also check out a 60-second rundown of the game provided by Rare.

With the recent addition of Excitebike 64 and now Jet Force Gemini, the expansion pack continues to offer a diverse selection of N64 games for subscribers to enjoy. For a full list of the games available on Nintendo Switch Online, readers can refer to the official rundown provided by Game Informer.

The addition of Jet Force Gemini to the Nintendo Switch Online’s expansion pack is a testament to the platform’s commitment to providing a robust and varied gaming experience for its subscribers. As the expansion pack continues to expand its library, fans of classic and modern games can look forward to more exciting additions in the future.

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