Developer Illness Forces Cancellation of Revenant Hill, Night In The Woods Follow-Up


Revenant Hill, Game by ‘Night in the Woods’ Makers, Canceled Due to Severe Illness of Designer Scott Benson

Revenant Hill, the highly anticipated game by the studio behind ‘Night in the Woods’, has been canceled. The reason for the cancellation is the severe illness of the game’s narrative designer and artist Scott Benson, who has had to step away from the project due to his battle with severe heart failure.

In a Twitter post, Benson revealed that he has been suffering from severe heart failure over the past 12 months, severely limiting his ability to work on the game. Following this announcement, The Glory Society, the studio behind Revenant Hill, posted a statement on Twitter, explaining that Benson’s absence has made it impossible to continue development of the game and has forced them to suspend operations entirely. The statement also mentions that Benson’s wife and co-founder of the studio, Bethany Hockenberry, has also stepped away from the project to support him.

The loss of two key staff members has been a significant blow to the small team at The Glory Society, leading to the amicable decision to suspend operations. The statement emphasized the complex challenges associated with game development and the necessity of a strong team. Unfortunately, due to the loss of key team members, the team has decided to suspend operations and end the development of Revenant Hill.

Benson, known for his work on ‘Night in the Woods’, co-founded The Glory Society in 2019 and had been working on Revenant Hill as the studio’s first project. The game was set to be an immersive experience, set in 1919, following the story of a cat named Twigs trying to make ends meet after its barn home burns down. The game was expected to be released on PlayStation consoles and PC.

While the cancellation of Revenant Hill is disappointing news for fans, the health and well-being of Scott Benson are of utmost importance. As a well-wisher, Game Informer wishes him a speedy road to recovery.

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