ChatGPT Announces 4 Major Upgrades: Here’s What’s Coming Next


OpenAI Announces Major Updates to ChatGPT at DevDay Developer Conference

At OpenAI’s first developer conference, DevDay, the company made significant announcements regarding its AI chatbot, ChatGPT. The updates include the launch of a powerful new AI model, the ability for users to create custom AI assistants, a new marketplace, and a ‘Copyright Shield’ for enterprise and API users.

One major update is the ability for ChatGPT Plus subscribers to create their own custom AI chatbot tailored to their specific needs. This feature, called the ‘GPT Builder’, allows users to upload data for the chatbot to use as the basis for its responses, and then share it publicly via a link.

In addition, OpenAI will be launching the GPT Store, which will serve as an “App Store” for AI chatbots created using the GPT Builder. Developers will be able to showcase their creations in a searchable marketplace and earn money based on the number of people using their chatbots.

The launch of the more powerful GPT-4 model, as well as the introduction of new ‘Turbo’ versions, will enhance the quality of ChatGPT’s answers and its ability to handle more complex conversations.

Plus subscribers will also benefit from a ‘Copyright Shield’, which protects enterprise and API users from legal claims around copyright infringement.

These updates mark a significant advancement in the AI chatbot landscape, and will likely have a positive impact on both developers and users of ChatGPT.

The rapid pace of innovation in this field demonstrates the growing importance of AI chatbots in various sectors, from education and productivity to entertainment.

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