AMD’s Zen 5C Next-Gen Chips to Harness Samsung and TSMC Technology


AMD to Utilize Samsung’s 4nm and TSMC’s 3nm Process Node for Next-Generation Chips, Codenamed Prometheus

In an exciting new development, AMD is planning to leverage Samsung’s 4nm and TSMC’s 3nm process nodes for its next-generation chips, as revealed in a recent leak. According to information compiled by gamma0burst from employee profiles and projects on LinkedIn, AMD aims to use these advanced process nodes for the development of its next-gen IPs, including the Zen 5 core architecture.

The leak, which also mentions a brand new codename “Prometheus“, hints at a significant shift in AMD’s production strategy. While AMD has primarily relied on TSMC for production, reports indicate that the company may be exploring the possibility of utilizing Samsung’s 4nm process technology. However, the extent of this collaboration remains unknown, and it is unclear whether AMD will produce any major IP on Samsung’s 4nm process node.

Alongside the revelation of the new codename “Prometheus,” the leak also highlights the upcoming Zen CPU/APU roadmap for AMD. The Zen 5 and Zen 5C core architectures are expected to be a major focus for the company, with plans to power a range of products including Ryzen Laptops, Ryzen Desktop, and EPYC Server families.

Despite the leak’s detailed information, it is essential to approach these developments with caution until official confirmation from AMD. As the industry eagerly anticipates the unveiling of these next-generation chips, the possibilities for the future of AMD’s technology continue to excite consumers and industry experts alike.

While AMD has not officially commented on these leaks, the potential utilization of Samsung’s 4nm and TSMC’s 3nm process nodes showcases the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving world of technology and gaming.

For further updates and information, stay tuned for major events planned by AMD in the coming months.

News Sources: @Tech_Reve

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