AI-Infused PC Takeover: Intel CEO’s Bold Plan to Ship 100 Million Units by 2025


Intel CEO Outlines Vision for AI-Integrated PC Industry at Innovation Forum

Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, recently spoke at the Intel Innovation Taipei 2023 Technology Forum, where he expressed confidence in the company’s ability to maintain dominance in the PC industry, particularly in the realm of AI integration. Gelsinger’s remarks come amid increasing competition in the sector, with NVIDIA and AMD both planning to launch ARM-based CPUs by 2025.

At the forum, Gelsinger emphasized the growing role of AI in the tech industry, stating that companies are working to integrate AI into the PC industry. This vision was further demonstrated by ASUS, which showcased an AI PC at the conference, hinting at the potential for AI-based assistants to become a reality in the PC market.

Additionally, Gelsinger announced Intel’s ambitious goal to ship 100 million “AI PCs” by 2025, signaling the company’s commitment to innovating the PC industry by incorporating generative AI into consumer products. This aligns with Intel’s existing efforts, including the development of a dedicated VPU in products like Meteor Lake.

Despite the challenges posed by competitors such as NVIDIA, AMD, and Qualcomm, Intel remains steadfast in its belief that AI integration will be a key differentiator in the future of the PC industry. As the race to leverage AI capabilities in PC hardware intensifies, Intel is positioning itself as a leader in the pursuit of AI-integrated computing solutions.

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