11 Best Laptops For Photoshop Under $500

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

There’s a saying that goes back to the beginning of time. Things will not go as planned in situations where they need to be working the best! 

Consider this scenario: You’re a professional photographer editor, or maybe an average user of Photoshop. However, you’re not able to afford to buy a new laptop. Do you need to stop working?

It’s not a good idea! There is no reason to stop working due to a lack of budget. There are plenty of affordable yet powerful laptops that operate photoshop quite well.

In this piece, we’ll take one look at the best laptops for photoshop that cost less than $500. Let’s get started!

Here is the list of best laptop for photoshop under $500-

1. ASUS Vivobook S510 (Best laptop for photo editing on a budget)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

At the very first look, the Asus VivoBook S510 looks like an obvious winner due to its stylish design, compact weight, and bright display. 

It’s a mid-priced laptop that has several drives. VivoBook has a 256 GB solid-state drive. It is also possible to put in another drive, provided there is room inside the body.

The laptop comes with a couple of unpleasant issues, such as low battery life, and the touchpad is not as comfortable. 

If you’re in the market for the most affordable laptop to edit photos in small size, the VivoBook S510’s 15″ display might be just what you’re looking for. It’s the best laptop for photoshop under $500.


  • Decent performance
  • Satisfying display color reproduction
  • Port to connect the second disk


  • The display isn’t bright enough.
  • Battery life is low.

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2. Microsoft Surface Book (2-in-1) (Laptop for photoshop)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

Surface Book is at the top of the Microsoft Surface product range and the most affordable laptop for editing photos. 

In addition, you have an easy-to-use portable touchscreen tablet and an extremely robust laptop. The laptop is quite quick and has excellent construction quality.

If you’re looking for the most powerful laptop for your price that can provide you with the performance of a tablet that can be used for graphics and a tablet with a keyboard, the Surface Book is a great model. 

Remember that you’ll only get a 13.5-inch screen that is 3000×2000. I suggest purchasing the additional Surface docking station that connects to all your peripherals.


  • Efficient build quality
  • Qualitative screening
  • 2-in-1 function


  • Battery life is much lower than the time frame promised.
  • The docking station isn’t included.

3. Apple MacBook Pro (Best Laptop for photo editing 2022)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

Apple provides the MacBook Pro 13 with a dual-core processor made by Intel. Its unique feature is the more robust Iris Plus Graphics 640 card with 1GB of dedicated memory, which means that the performance is better when compared to the conventional Intel HD Graphics 620. 

Apple makes use of only the fastest PCIe-SSD storage, so the performance is at the top. MacBook Pro 13 is the ideal laptop for photography and design and can handle loads when they’re not too demanding.

Everyday tasks like mail, browsing the web images, and more. They are not any problem.

The MacBook Pro 2018 is a powerful machine. For the best laptop for photoshop under $1000, this will be the best choice. Price is high but it wroth the dime.


  • Best-in-class Retina display
  • Quality build and design
  • Fantastic battery life


  • A small number of ports
  • Lacks dedicated GPU

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4. Acer Aspire E 15 (Budget Laptop for video editing)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

Acer Aspire E 15 is a budget-friendly laptop that fulfills the requirements of basic editing. It features the Intel Quad-core 8th generation processor, 8GB of RAM, and an impressive NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU with 2GB of RAM. 

These features add up to make it a powerful laptop, which can be used for photo and video post-production. 

Although it’s a heavier laptop, the numerous connections and the DVD drive make it a fantastic option for those just beginning their media retouching. 

Access to the HDD is straightforward, and anyone can upgrade it. The display is crisp and has bright colors with the right settings. This laptop will be a good choice for the best laptop for photoshop under $500.


  • Excellent performance
  • Astonishing battery life
  • Multiple USB ports


  • Heavy
  • Short of SD card reader

5. Dell Inspiron 5000 (2-in-1) (Best Budget laptop for photoshop)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

Dell Inspiron 5-in-1 is, without doubt, the most powerful laptop for editing photos for under 500 dollars. Its responsiveness to touch is amazing. 

However, it cannot match all the colors of the sRGB model and is less vibrant than what you think you would get from a multimedia device.

This is unfortunate, considering the battery longevity of this laptop is awe-inspiring.

Perhaps the most important factor I did not find appealing about this laptop is the weight. 

There are 15.6-inch devices that weigh less. In addition, due to this fact, it’s quite uncomfortable to put the device on when it is in the “tablet” setting.


  • A responsive touch screen that has stylus support
  • Good build, featuring a plastic-like body
  • You can boost memory and storage


  • It’s not bright enough to be suitable for outdoor use.
  • Weak sRGB color gamut

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6. Asus ZenBook Pro (Good Laptop for photoshop)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

This laptop is very expensive, it’s not under $500 but you won’t find any better laptop than this, if you have dime to invest than this will be the best.

The laptop is 15 inches and has a sleek design and an aluminum body, and the cover is made of metal with rings with a polished edge on its sides. 

The 15.6-inch screen comes with a 3840×2160 resolution UHD, sufficient for professionals working in image retouching who don’t want to work with Apple (ZenBook is a copy of their design nearly completely).

I am impressed by the sharp clarity in the photos. The screen can show up to 110 percent of the sRGB range of colors and 289 units of brightness. 

ZenBook Pro touchpad is quite quick and allows users to make use of multi-touch gestures. This makes it the ideal laptop for editing photos with a tight budget.


  • Appealing all-metal body
  • Long battery life
  • Unsatisfying NVIDIA graphic performance


  • It is difficult to change the configuration
  • Glam screen

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7. Lenovo Yoga 720 (2-in-1) (Best Cheap laptop for photo editing)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

Lenovo is among the first brands that used the screen flip feature. If you are taking photos at high resolution, this is the most affordable laptop for editing photos. 

Yoga 720 has a Quad-core Intel 7700HQ processor, 512 GB of SSD storage for photos. 

The whole thing weighs just more than 2.6 kilograms. Therefore, bringing your laptop along with you is a hassle. 

All this equipment lets you encode a huge number of images in RAW format. 

The 2-in-1 function lets you take off the keyboard and zoom into the screen to improve the efficiency of editing photos. It’s a perfect mid range laptop for photo editing.

 A lot can be said about the advantages of having a screen with 4K resolution for video and images. This is one the best laptops for photoshop under $500.

They are superior to FHD screens concerning precision and color. Yoga 720 works about 8-9 hours before you must charge it. That will be sufficient.


  • 4K display configuration
  • Stable and solid performance
  • Long battery life


  • It is slightly heavier than other laptops
  • The display may be brighter

8. Macbook Air 2018 (Best Laptop for photoshop under $1500)

best laptop

With the launch of the MacBook Air in 2018, Apple has finally met its customers’ demands. 

While the MacBook Air isn’t upgraded in the same way as previous models, it’s more expensive. 

It comes with many of the amazing features of the MacBook Pro, but it’s a 13 inch MacBook Pro without the touchpad.

If you’re looking for a complete Mac laptop to use for personal purposes or working with images and are hoping to save less than $1300, you’ll be able to get the latest MacBook Air.

This model is slimmer than the previous body and is more affordable. The upgraded Retina screen is sufficient for basic photo post-processing.


  • Retina Display
  • New trackpad


  • It isn’t equipped with an SD card reader.
  • A tiny amount of storage

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9. Acer Aspire R 15 (Best Laptops For Photoshop Under $500)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

Acer Aspire R 15 is well-known as one of the top 2-in-1 laptops available. 

Combining an IPS display and a tactile, flexible keyboard makes it the ideal laptop for professional photo editors. 2-in-1 lets you switch between modes from the traditional one to the tablet. 

Full HD is the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with Multi-Touch technology.

The 15-inch laptop comes with an integrated graphics processor made by Intel and a 1GB video memory that lets you edit images easily.

The flexibility of the 2-in-1 and the 9-hour battery life make it a must-have companion and the perfect laptop for photographers. 

I would suggest adding an SSD drive to enhance the processing of RAW images. This would be the best laptop for photoshop under $500 for you.


  • 15.6-inch display with IPS
  • Universal 2-in-1 function
  • A good and quick keyboard


  • It is slightly heavier than other laptops.
  • Displays with low brightness

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10. Dell Inspiron G5 (Cheap laptop for video editing)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

Dell is a well-known laptop company that is known for its high-performance products at an affordable price. 

Dell Inspiron G5 is proof of this by offering the most powerful computing capabilities and features that make it the top laptop for photo editing that costs less than 1000.

IPS is superior to conventional devices due to its viewing angles and superior quality reproduction of colors in sRGB. It is a great and the best laptop for photoshop under $500.

It is possible to be certain that editing images are done correctly by correcting hue, saturation, and other settings.


  • A powerful configuration
  • There are two SSD and HDD drives for storing images
  • Graphic card with a powerful performance.


  • The device can overheat if used frequently.
  • Inconvenient trackpad

11. Lenovo Ideapad 3 (Best cheap laptop for photo editing)

Best laptop for photoshop under $500

This is among the most inexpensive laptops on the market (outside of sales). However, the price is lower performance, and the basic specifications needed to use Photoshop.

While it’s a dual-core processor from the past, it can run at 2.6 GHz and comes with a decent integrated graphics card. This is the best laptop for photo editing on a budget.

It’s a low-resolution, TN display panel that isn’t ideal for photography. You don’t get high-quality color reproduction, as you have just 52% of the sRGB color space available. However, it’s adequate.

However, at a lower cost, this could be a suitable laptop for people who want an all-purpose device capable of doing a few editing photos to the side.


  • A very affordable and affordable laptop to edit photos.
  • A decent processor for the price.
  • Simple setup, no software bloatware
  • The large, 15.6-inch screen


  • Quite heavy
  • Displays with low resolution, TN that has 52% the colors in sRGB

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What are the top cheap Laptops for Editing Photos? Editing Have in the Common?

To win the award of the most efficient laptop to use for Photoshop editing, I’ve examined each laptop following the criteria listed below.

Based on my past experiences of editing photos, These are the most important aspects that any decent budget laptop designed to edit photos should have.

  • Processor (CPU) A higher CPU speed means Photoshop can carry out actions such as opening a RAW file or applying filters quicker, which means there is less waiting around for.
  • Memory (RAM) RAM is utilized for systems used to store information in short-term storage, and the more RAM you have can make the system quicker.
  • Memory (SSD) Speed, as well as the capacity of your drive, determines how many images you can save and the speed at which you can complete basic tasks such as opening Photoshop.
  • Display – This is among the more vital and under-appreciated areas, especially on laptops that aren’t very expensive for photo editing. It is broken up in the manner below.
    • Resolution – A higher resolution will mean more clarity and sharpness.
    • Screen Size – bigger screens are more user-friendly. However, they come with a higher weight.
    • Panel Type – IPS Panels are the best in terms of colors and viewing angles.
    • Color Gamut – A wider color spectrum, determined by a percent of sRGB, is more accurate, with less banding.
    • Touch Screen – With this, you can eliminate a distinct sketching tablet and draw directly on the screen. Look at sketching laptops to find more laptops that are natively compatible with touchscreen operations.
  • Battery Life Longer battery life means better mobility and convenience when away from home.
  • Compatibility with accessories – is it possible to connect other monitors, drawing tablets, or printers?

Photoshop Requirements

The most effective software for editing photos, even on laptops that aren’t expensive, is Photoshop and Lightroom by Adobe. 

All laptops listed in this list can run the two programs, Photoshop and Lightroom; however, I’ve included the minimum requirements for the more demanding laptop-intensive Photoshop Below for more reference. Must check this requirement before buying a photoshop budget laptop.

Processor (CPU)

The laptop’s CPU is among the primary elements that determine the speed at which every application is running on your laptop.

For a long time, Intel processors had been most commonly used for Adobe applications since Photoshop, and other similar programs typically run with just one or one or two threads. 

However, AMD is now making processors that rival Intel’s dominance of single threads.

Today, the number of cores is the most effective way to gauge how fast the processor is for photo editing and editing. 

The higher the number of processors, the more efficient the laptop will be to open images and apply filters, transforms, and other tasks that depend on a speedy processor.

Actual tests on various desktop processors fall below. 

The most important thing to remember is that all but most slow processors can work with Photoshop, and you’ll wait a bit longer to finish your tasks.

Memory (RAM)

RAM is the second crucial piece to have a fast laptop for photo editing.

It’s utilized in Photoshop and Lightroom to store your history and as temporary storage for data needed for any complicated actions that require calculations, like transformations.

From my experience, it’s been my experience that every one of the Adobe products can utilize as much RAM as you can afford, So it’s best to choose a system that has plenty of it.

If your laptop is running without RAM, Photoshop will use the hard disk as a scratch disk. This means it will consider your hard drive to be extra RAM. 

This isn’t an issue in and of itself; however, it can result in slower performance since even the most efficient SSDs are less efficient than RAM chips.

While RAM speed is an indicator of performance, it’s just not to be considered the issue for budget laptops, and you’re better off focusing on the highest amount of RAM you can find.

Memory (SSD)

The other aspect that the memory coin has lain is the choice of an HDD (HDD), also known as a solid-state drive (SSD) which is what they often are.

Memory plays two crucial roles in photo editing, including photo storage and the Photoshop scratch disk.

SSDs are the most popular choice for physical storage because they’re significantly quicker than HDDs. Must go with SSD for the best laptops for video editing under $500.

However, this additional performance comes with a higher cost, making the cost of budget-friendly laptops and ensuring that you’ll get less storage in return for your money.

Naturally, the bigger the SSD is, the better since it allows you to save more photos. 

However, this isn’t the ideal method to use it as a scratch disk. 

This scenario is better with two less capacity SSDs used for photo and program storage and one for use as a scratch disk. 

This will ensure that, if you run out of RAM, using one SSD as a scratch disk while operating Photoshop on another will ensure that it won’t suffer in the same way due to I/O issues.

However, it is likely to find another SSD on an editing laptop that costs less than $500, and in this situation, it’s better to look for a larger capacity SSD.

Keep in mind that you could make use of another hard drive in case you’re storing a lot of pictures, so provided that the SSD has a sufficient capacity (more than 128GB), You shouldn’t have to fret about this issue all the time.


One of the least-known aspects, when you are searching for the most affordable Photoshop laptop, is the specific components that make up the screen.

While most people intuitively know the size of the screen and its resolution, it is difficult to comprehend how to choose colors and the various types of screens.

I’ll provide a brief overview here, but bear in mind that this is generally where you have to sacrifice most when buying cheap laptops. Must consider this requirement for the best laptop for photoshop under $500.

Because display performance is much harder to gauge than the speed of CPUs or the quantity of RAM, most manufacturers make a few concessions here, and the majority of people aren’t aware of it until they buy their laptop and start using it.

If you’re looking to get the top in screen quality, you’ll have to boost your spending a little. However, there are two choices. 

The first is to purchase a higher-end laptop with better screens at an extremely low cost or, better yet, buy an affordable laptop and then get an affordable photo editing screen and a standalone monitor, since they have superior performance than laptops at all price ranges.

Screen Size

If you’re looking for cheaper price laptops, you typically will find smaller screens. This isn’t necessarily an issue for editing photos. Even a screen of 13 inches is a good option, provided the resolution is adequate.

The benefit of smaller laptops is that the internal components are likely to be better quality, having an improved processor with more RAM and a bigger SSD.

Yet, a 15.6-inch display is in the Goldilocks zone for most people, not too small or too big.


If you’re on a budget, the highest resolution you can get will be full HD (1920 1080 x 1920), and you’ll not find a laptop priced under $500 sporting a screen in 4K for a while. Full HD resolution is acceptable for laptops and generally sharp and clear.

Some laptops have less resolution, but they should be avoided unless they are equipped with other advantages that are greater than their lower resolution.

Panel Type

Panels are available in three primary styles at the cost level:

  • IPS panels have the largest possible viewing angle in addition to the highest quality of color reproduction. Still, they can also be vulnerable to IPS glow, which is a condition that causes screens’ edges to appear brighter at certain viewing angles, but this only occurs on black screens.
  • VA (or SVA) panels have great contrast and are ideal when you plan on editing large amounts of white and black photos. They are less accurate in color as well as viewing angles than IPS panels.
  • The TN panels can be included in laptops that are the least expensive because they are the most basic components. They offer the worst quality of color and viewing angles and should be avoided. The only positive thing is their short responses. However, this isn’t relevant to editing photos.

Also, IPS panels are what you’ll want to search for and can be found present in most laptops that are budget for Photoshop.

Color Gamut

The most often overlooked aspect of any laptop’s display is the color spectrum it displays. It is typically determined by a percentage in the sRGB range, which includes around 35% of all colors visible to the naked eye. It has served as the monitor, TV as well as an Internet standard for several years.

Compared to the eyes, it is evident that this spectrum loses subtle shades of cyan and green. However, this isn’t usually visible – all of the colors you’d expect to be present.

Finding a display that has 100 percent of the sRGB range means that it’s ideal for editing photos at home, but this is impossible below the $500 mark for laptops.

The majority of manufacturers do not release specifications regarding the color spectrum of their displays. Therefore, you’ll have to use independent tests. These figures are included for all laptops I’ve reviewed here.

Touch Screen

A touch screen on laptops can be an excellent benefit to editing photos since it lets you create drawings directly on the touchscreen using a stylus and do not need to use an additional drawing tablet.

Typically, you’ll be paying more for a touch screen, or you may have a less powerful processor, RAM, or SSD installed, so you should be conscious of the tradeoffs.

If you’re looking for a laptop with a touchscreen, I recommend that you go through my post on laptops designed for artists.

How to get an accurate color display on the Laptop for Photoshop?

Particularly with laptops that support Photoshop for less than $500, but for all laptops, if you are serious about editing your photos, it is necessary to calibrate your screen right from the box and do it every month or two to ensure that the colors are accurate.

After just one calibration, you’ll see a significant improvement in the quality of your display, and color casts will be eliminated. The photos will appear exactly the way you wanted them to appear.

There are two primary methods to calibrate your screen:

  • Most ineffective: Use the Windows tool called ‘Calibrate Display Color or visit a website that shows the test images. You can calibrate the brightness and colors of your display manually by using the menu that appears on the screen. This is not an ideal option if you’re committed to your photography.
  • The most effective option is to purchase the best hardware calibration device such as Datacolor Spyder Pro and utilize open-source software such as DisplayCAL. This will calibrate your display automatically and save the results in an image of your color profile loaded by your PC every time. Doing this every one or two months will guarantee you get the most exact colors. It is important to repeat this process regularly since the response to the color of the pixels on your monitor will decrease over time. Because this decline isn’t uniform across all displays, You will have to adjust your calibration to keep colors exact.

It is reasonable to ask what the reason is, considering that everyone viewing your images on social media or anywhere else won’t be using an accurate display, but there are still valid reasons.

The first thing to note is that not every monitor is calibrated to the same degree. Some have too much blue and others too orange. However, they all align themselves with the baseline you adjust to. 

When you calibrate the display’s calibration to that baseline before making edits to your images, you will give them the greatest chance to be properly displayed on every monitor.

The second issue is that if you print your images, colors will never come out appearing as you’d like them to if you do not calibrate. 

Photo printing services print on equipment that is calibrated for color, so you should expect images printed on color-accurate monitors. 

This is a step that I had neglected for a long time; however, now, my printed images always appear identical to the ones I see on my screen, whatever printing device or the service I choose to employ.


The feeling of being short on funds occurs every day. However, it shouldn’t deter you from reaching your objectives.

Selecting a budget laptop may be difficult, particularly when you don’t want to spend your money on a cheap, faulty laptop.

In the list below, we’ve listed the most affordable laptops for running Photoshop. The top of these could depend on individual preferences. However, one thing is that they all can run photoshop.

Don’t let the fact that you’re short of money be an obstacle. Get your laptop today and begin using Photoshop!

Note that if you’re on a budget or aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, We have guides on the top laptops for photoshop and being the best laptop for editing photos for less than $1,000.



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