About Us

The laptops guide is dedicated to helping you select the best laptop. All the Windows notebooks, Chromebooks and 2-in-1s that pass our independent lab are thoroughly vetted by our editors and writers.

We want to make buying a laptop easy. That’s why we offer constantly updated top pick lists, buying guides, and interactive product finders. This will help you narrow down your search and avoid buyer’s remorse. We went undercover to test every major brand’s tech support.

The laptops guide is the best place to find tips and advice on your laptop, no matter if you need to speed up your laptop or password-protect specific folders.

How Laptops are Tested

To determine the performance of laptops, our lab employs a mix of real-world benchmarks and synthetic benchmarks. Our homemade web surfing test is used to evaluate battery life. We also test speed by assessing how fast a system can transfer files and complete a complex spreadsheet test. We also use tools to determine how bright a laptop’s screen is and how travel-friendly its keyboard is.