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best laptop cooling pad
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Your laptop could be hot, especially if it is used on the couch or in bed. If your laptop is ever hot to the touch, it can become more susceptible to shutting or slowing down, or even worse, can get damaged from the intense heat. 

Some researchers even say a USB-C adapter to plug into your laptop if your computer doesn’t have any full-sized USB-A ports.


We compared the specifications and durability of dozens of laptop cooling pads from different manufacturers to determine which one was the best.

Models with adjustable heights or viewing angles were awarded bonus points. 

This allows you to have a more ergonomic setup at work.

A few models have USB ports that can charge your devices or connect accessories such as webcams.

Below are our top laptop cooling pads that will keep your laptop cool while keeping you comfortable. Here is the list of 13 best laptop coolers.

1. Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

Kootek has created a very impressive laptop cooling pad.

It uses five fans (the 120mm model is in the middle, surrounded by 70mm fans) and delivers a lot of cooling while remaining quiet.

The versatility of the Chill Mat is a strong point. You can turn some fans on (it’s possible for one to work, four or all five), and it can be raised (using an adjustable ratchet mechanism like a deckchair) to six height settings, depending on your preference.

The cooling pad is compatible with laptops from 12-inch to 17 inches.

There are stoppers at each end to prevent the notebook from sliding off.

The cooling pad also features a USB hub that has two USB 2.0 ports.

This cooling pad is high-quality and flexible.

It also comes at a fair price, making it our top choice for an all-rounder that does everything without causing too much damage to your pocket. This is the best laptop cooler, you can go with.


  • Impressive cooling power
  • You can choose which fans are turned on
  • Six different height settings


  • No Cons

2. Cooler Master Notepal XL

Best laptop cooler
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Cooler Master is cool as you’d expect, and Notepal is a great product. It uses a single, large, 230mm fan, which is quiet and efficient.

It can move a lot of air. The fan’s speed is rated at 89.8 cubic feet per minute, which is a great level of cooling.

The device has a tilted ergonomic design to use the keyboard at the most comfortable angle.

It also features non-slip feet to ensure stability on any surface. There are also three USB ports on the back.

The Notepal XL can hold laptops up 17 inches in size. It’s also reasonably priced, considering the cooling performance.

The versatility of this product is just a fraction behind the Kootek.

This is a great option for powerful cooling if you can’t find it in the US. This is one of the best laptop cooler, you can go with.


  • Powerful cooling
  • Nicely quiet


  • Not as versatile as some of its competitors

3. Thermaltake Massive RGB 20

This Thermaltake product is ideal for cooling a large notebook.

It can even be used to cool larger gaming laptops up to 19 inches. The fan is 200mm in diameter and can be adjusted to speed. 

There are also three height settings, up to an angle of 13 degrees.

You get large fans for efficient cooling laptops with larger dimensions.

Additionally, you have RGB lighting around the edges that can be used in various modes, including blinking, pulse, and static.

Although it is made from plastic, the cooling pad’s build quality may not be the best.

However, it is strong enough to support a large gaming laptop. It is also quite expensive.


  • Big 200mm fan cools nicely
  • Nifty RGB lighting


  • Price is high

4. Enermax TwisterOdio 16

Best laptop cooler
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If you’re looking for laptop cooling pads that do more than just cool your notebook, there are options.

Laptops are often unable to deal with heat. Another problem is the inability to provide decent audio quality and volume.

Although the Enermax TwisterOdio can only handle laptops up 16 inches in size, its pair of DreamBass 2W speakers are quite decent and provide some bass,

The pad is quite thick due to the integrated speakers located in the cylinder at the rear of it. However, it is surprisingly lightweight and provides sound quality as well as solid cooling. 

You can also turn the speaker on and off, as well as manually adjust the fan speed.

If you have bad laptop speakers or want to solve your cooling problems with a cost-effective solution, it is worth looking into. This is one of the best laptop cooler in this list.


  • Delivers decent sound quality
  • Solid cooling chops


  • Can’t handle 17 inch laptops

5. Targus Chill Mat

Targus Chill Mat is for those who need their cooling pad to have expansion capabilities so that they can hook up other peripherals.

The Chill Mat features a 4-port USB hub with USB 2.0 ports and cooling via a pair of fans.

Targus does not specify their size, but the manufacturer states that they can run at up to 2,500 rpm.

It is an impressively thin device that can be adjusted at four heights. This could be a great solution for those who have laptops with few USB ports.


  • Hub with 4 USB ports
  • Nicely slim+ Well built


  • No Cons

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6. Cooler Master MasterNotepal Maker

Best laptop cooler
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At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that the relative positioning of fans and vents on your laptop’s bottom could be important. You can place the fans yourself to ensure optimal positioning.

This is possible with Cooler Master’s modular cooling pad.

Modular means that fans can be moved around on the cooling pad to deliver air to specific areas.

MasterNotepal Maker has excellent build quality, a sandblasted aluminum’ surface that can help heat dissipation and set at five angles.

The downside is that this Cooler Master product may not be affordable, but it might be worth it for those who want to customize their pad to fit their notebook.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the stock of this product may be very limited. You might have to act quickly if you want it. This would be a best laptop cooler for you.


  • High heat dissipation with an aluminum surface
  • Fully adjustable fan positioning
  • Great cable management
  • Excellent cable management.
  • An attachable USB Hub.
  • Removable stoppers that prevent your laptop from sliding off the stand.


  • Expensive

7. The Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

This is a great option for laptop cooling.

Tree New Bee’s product comes with four 110mm fans that can be adjusted in speed (the blue LED lights dim as you lower the speed; you can also turn off two fans).

The device is reasonably priced and offers a lot of cooling.

It can also be elevated on two legs at the back to provide a more ergonomic typing angle.

There is only one height setting, and some might find it a bit steep.

Most products come in a variety of heights, as you may have seen elsewhere on this site.

The Tree New Bee Cooling Pad is a great option that strikes a good balance between price/performance.


  • Reliable options for adjusting fans
  • Affordable


  • Only one level of height adjustment

8. TeckNet N8 Laptop Cooling pad

Best laptop cooler
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TeckNet offers a great cooling pad solution for those who want to spend as low as possible.

It’s also very affordable – but you still get a quality product. The N8 includes three 118mm cooling fans that provide decent cooling. 

It is also very portable and slim.

The N8 has feet that can be extended to raise the device and a USB port for plugging in additional devices (the N8 is also powered and connected via USB).

Although the build quality isn’t great, the N8 is very quiet and does the job well.


  • Temptingly low prices
  • Decent cooling


  • None of the best build quality

9. Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim

The X-Slim cooling pad is portable and easy to transport. The X-Slim measures just 27.5mm at its narrowest point and weighs in at 700g.

Although many products offer similar portability, such as the Havit 12-inch to 17-inch Laptop Cooler, Cooler Master’s product is the best due to its superior build quality. 

The single 160mm fan provides excellent airflow and keeps things quiet.

It can also handle laptops up 17 inches in size. The X-Slim also has handy cable management features that make it portable and tidy.

The Notepal X-Slim may be small, but it is extremely portable.

It’s one of the best laptop cooler in this list.


  • Thin and very lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • No Cons

10. Klim Cool

Best laptop cooler
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We thought it would be fun to add this one at the end. It is a fan-based accessory that does the same thing but sucking air rather than blowing it.

This is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a portable cooling pad.

This is where you need to be careful. Your laptop must have a vent on the side or back for these devices to attach.

We’re afraid that you won’t be able to attach these products if your laptop only has air vents at the bottom.

The idea behind a vacuum cooler is to suck out air from the laptop, which has a cooling effect, unlike blowing cool air into it.

It’s sometimes even considered more efficient than traditional cooling pads, but it doesn’t matter if you choose the right product.

Klim Cool is our recommendation. It’s a highly effective cooler that comes with many attachments.

This means you can cover any size vent you attach to the device.

It can also measure your laptop’s temperature and adjust the fan speed to provide the right cooling level. Very clever indeed.

The manufacturer backs this product with a 5-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. This allows you to give it a try and see how it fits into your notebook. 

This accessory is also not very expensive in comparison to the cost of more affordable cooling pads.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment
  • Highly portable


  • Not for all laptops

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11. Thermaltake Massive Laptop Heating Pad

Amazon is overflowing with laptop coolers in all sizes and shapes. Many have bright LED lights that can be distracting, while others are packed with fans.

Some also double as USB hubs, which allow you to plug in all your peripherals. 

The Thermaltake Massive cooling pads are not as extravagant or feature-rich as other models, but they work great at keeping your laptop cool.

It comes in two variants, a standard model with a single 200-millimeter fan that has a fan speed up to 800 RPM, or there’s a variant with dual 120-millimeter fans with up to a 1,300 RPM speed. 

We recommend the dual fan model if you have the budget. This is the only laptop cooling pad that has a temperature sensor.

The temperature sensor monitors four different areas on your laptop and can adjust the fan speed to cool it by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

A LED display is included to let you know how hot your laptop is. It also features retractable feet on the bottom that can be adjusted to adjust the angle of your laptop. There are two USB ports. This is the best laptop cooling pad for gaming.


  • Display and optional temperature sensor for laptop temperature monitoring
  • A turbo boost mode is available
  • Larger laptops can hang from the sides


  • No cons

12. TopMate C5 Laptop cooling pad

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Some laptop cooling pads can cost as much as $100, which is quite shocking. TopMate C5 laptop cooling pads are powerful but more affordable.

It’s currently on sale for $20. Five fans, dual USB ports, and five height settings are all included for about the same price as a pizza.

The base of this option has a small LCD screen that displays the fan speeds. To adjust the fans’ speed and select which fans you want, press the buttons on its front.

Unfortunately, this cooling pad doesn’t have an option to turn off its LED lights like the Kootek pad. This option is also collapsible, which makes it easy to transport. 

This option is also made of mostly metal, making it more durable than the other options. It is one of the best laptop cooling pad.


  • Six fan speeds are available
  • USB ports allow for passthrough charging
  • Collapsable


  • You can’t keep larger laptops
  • LED lights cannot be turned off

13. AFMAT Gaming Laptop Cooling pad

This cooling pad by AFMAT is the best option if your laptop feels like it has a fever and you are ready to spend more on superior cooling tech.

This expensive option comes with “twin-turbo Supercharged” blowers, which can reach speeds of up to 4,500 RPM.

To further improve the cooling effect, the cooler features an airtight rubber seal.

The cooler is also the only one with two washable and removable air filters to keep dust at bay.

The AFMAT has seven height settings, three wind speeds modes, dual USB ports, and a non-slip stand.

It can also support laptops up 17 inches in size. 

It is a bit more expensive than other cooling pads due to its extensive feature set. This cooling pad can cool your laptop by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • This is one of few models with integrated air filters
  • Awesome look


  • It is louder than other options

Cooling laptops with cooling pads

The best laptop cooling pads can provide additional cooling to combat throttling. This could increase the life expectancy of your laptop.

The CPU and GPU will last longer if they aren’t constantly being run at extremely high temperatures.

A little extra cooling can save you some heartache and prevent your notebook from giving up its ghost too soon.

A laptop cooling pad is a great option to keep your notebook cool when you aren’t using it.

The cooling pad’s mileage will vary depending on how many cooling vents are present under your notebook and where they are located relative to the fan locations.

A good rule of thumb is to have a few vents under your notebook. 

These should be roughly aligned with the pads fans.Some laptop cooling pads come with one fan, while others have multiple smaller fans. However, they will still cool the entire system.

Even notebooks without vents at the bottom may benefit from cooling the underside of their chassis to help with temperature management.

However, even though your mileage might vary depending on your laptop model, you will likely benefit from a cooling pad. It is important to choose the best one.

Last words

So eventually, if you’re here then you have completed the entire article. Is this guide helpful for you or not? Let us know in the comment section below.


Are our cooling pads effective for a laptop?

Cooling pads for laptops have fans that circulate cool air. This keeps your laptop cool. It can also raise the laptop’s temperature. The laptop cooler can cool down the laptop’s bottom and reduce the temperature of its components. This is a temporary solution to the problem, but more should be done.

Is there any negative effect of a laptop cooler?

The cooling pads can cause damage to your laptop’s components. The pad will blow air (and dust!) inside your laptop. This can cause some sensors to think they are cool and can continue stressing it. … The majority of laptops are being used and abused for many years before they can be properly taken care of.

What should I put underneath my laptop?

A cooling mat is not something you can afford or find. Instead, put something solid under your laptop. You can use a tray table, a lap desk, or a wooden cutting board to allow airflow.

Is a laptop cooler required?

They can become more fragile if they are overheated. A cooler can help to keep them cool and prolong their battery life.


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