101 Best Laptops in 2021

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We have the right laptop for you, no matter what type of laptop you are looking for. These include top-quality Windows laptops, including models created by Microsoft and Apple’s top MacBooks.

We have thoroughly tested all of the laptops in this top laptops list. Only the notebooks that provide the best value for money and the most competitive performance and battery life are included.

You can find the best laptops right now by reading this article, which includes the most potent Chromebooks, top-of-the-line Ultrabooks, and brilliant Chromebooks. 

Some of the top 2-in-1 laptops have been included. No matter what type of laptop you are looking for, our top laptops list has the right choice to suit your needs and budget.

How to choose the right laptop?

Before we move on to the list, here are some things you should be aware of when purchasing a new laptop.

Start by setting a budget. This will allow you to narrow down your options and make sure you don’t buy something you can’t afford. There are some great budget laptops available below $400.

However, if you have the budget, it might be worth spending more on a laptop that is more durable and long-lasting.

After you’ve established your budget, consider what you will use the laptop for. A Chromebook or budget laptop is the best choice if you only need it to browse and watch Netflix.

A laptop with at least 8GB RAM, a modern processor, and a large screen are all options for those who want to do work.

Gaming laptops should have a dedicated graphics card, a fast, responsive screen, and a high-resolution display.

We are happy to report that laptops today have significantly improved battery life than those of a few years back. Gaming laptops can still last for around five hours, but modern laptops can last up to nine hours on one charge

We read more than 20000 blogs and made an informative list of 101 best laptops in 2021 for you. This guide will surely be helpful for you, so without further ado, let’s begin.

1. APPLE Macbook AIR (M1, 2020)

best laptops APPLE Macbook AIR
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Our MacBook Air M1, 2020 (M1, 2020) review shows that Apple’s cheapest laptop represents the beginning of a revolution. Do you think thin laptops must sacrifice power? No. Are you assuming that big performance equals shorter battery life? It’s not true. 

Or that it would be too expensive to have all these things in one machine? You are wrong again. This is the best combination of all possible worlds. The M1 processor, the first Apple-made Mac-specific chip, is the reason. 

The M1 processor is an eight-core chip with twice the power of high-end MacBook Pros and gaming PCs. However, it uses only a fraction of as much power. This laptop has the fastest speed.

It runs at a cool enough temperature that it doesn’t require fans, so it’s quiet. Even though it is a Mac, there are fewer options, and it has excellent graphics performance. It can play games much more smoothly than any other game with an integrated GPU.

It can also give you up to 15 hours of battery life in real-world usage (for things such as light browsing), which is a significant improvement over older Macs. It’s also very comfortable and user-friendly. 

The trackpad and keyboard are excellent, the Mac is small and light enough to be easily carried around, and the aluminum construction feels solid. It’s a joy to use the sharp screen, which has a high level of brightness.

It is not perfect. It is a shame it only has two USB C ports. This means that adapters will be needed. But maybe you are already all about wireless and cloud. Some issues may arise with software compatibility, but this is rare and won’t affect most users.

Some people may find the base specs of 8GB RAM and 256GB storage too small. However, you can customize and upgrade your Macbook Air M1 and Macbook Pro M1 after your purchase. 


  • Amazing power
  • High-quality build
  • Luxurious design, sturdy
  • Battery life is huge


  • It would be nice to have more ports
  • Still, not an excellent webcam

2. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

best laptops Microsoft Surface Laptop 4
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Apple’s new MacBook Air was a huge success, but arch-rival Microsoft has impressed us with its Surface Laptop 4, which landed at number 2 on our list of best laptops in 2021.

Like previous Surface devices, the build quality and design are top-notch. The stunning PixelSense touchscreen sets it aside from the rest. (A touchscreen is something that we have yet to see on an Apple MacBook, as Microsoft likes us to remind us).

The keyboard is a joy to use and comes with some great specs. This ensures that Windows 10 and all your favorite apps run smoothly. The battery life is awe-inspiring, lasting more than 13 hours in our tests. And the price is highly competitive. This is the laptop for you if you are looking for the best laptop running Windows 10.


  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Beautiful screen


  • Ports are not enough
  • Alcantara fabric can become gritty over time

3. ASUS Vivobook S15

ASUS Vivobook S15
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Are you committed to Windows? The Asus VivoBook S15 is the best mid-range Windows 10 laptop available right now. The Asus VivoBook S15 is lightweight, despite its 15.6-inch screen. 

It’s also stylish and offers just about everything you need in a laptop. Although the price tag is high, you get plenty of value, including the 11th-gen Intel CPUs (i5 and i7). These chips provide excellent performance and will not drain your battery. 

This portable computer can handle everything, even if you aren’t looking to play high-end games or 4K video editing. You have plenty of ports, and the fingerprint sensor integrated into the trackpad makes it easy to log into Windows. 

The Asus VivoBook S15 is an outstanding laptop that combines a high-quality tech specification and a fancy design at a mid-range price.


  • The amazing, vibrant 15.6-inch screen
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • A comfortable, attractive keyboard


  • Screen stick to 1080p
  • Display 16:9 aspect ratio

4. Dell XPS 15, 2020

Dell xps 15
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The Dell XPS 15 is an outstanding laptop. The Dell XPS 15 (2020) is as perfect as a laptop gets and is one of the most popular Dell laptops.

There’s not much we can fault. The laptop is equipped with the most recent mobile tech from Intel and can be configured with a discrete graphics card. This makes it capable of rendering images, as well as video editing software and light gaming.

The design is also one of our favorites, making it the most fashionable Windows 10 laptop in 2021. The battery life is fantastic, and the price is reasonable considering what you get. 


  • Rapid performance
  • Design that is eye-catching


  • 1650 Ti is a bit weak
  • Some might find a 15-inch screen too big

5. DELL XPS 13 (9310)

DELL XPS 13 (9310)
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We have always been impressed by the Dell XPS 13 series laptops, and this latest model continues that trend. We found it powerful, well-built, and compact in our Dell XPS13 (9310) review. 

This is what you need when looking for the best laptop on the market. This portable computer is equipped with the most recent Intel processors and 16GB RAM. It’s capable of handling all your needs.

The Dell XPS 13 is a powerful and capable laptop that can handle everything, from late-night Netflix to early morning report writing. The 13.4-inch screen with super-thin bezels is what makes the XPS 13 stand apart. Although you can choose a 4K option for the XPS 13, most people will prefer the Full HD screen.

The colors are vivid, and the detail is sharp. Corning Gorilla Glass is used to protect the entire screen.


  • Amazing looks
  • Strong hardware
  • Beautiful display


  • Average audio
  • Ports limited

6. HP Spectre x360 (2021)

HP Spectre x360 (2021)
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For years, the HP Spectre x360 laptop has been a top-rated model. The 2021 model will be no exception. The HP Spectre x360 (2021), which comes with the 11th-generation Intel Core processors and features a better integrated Intel Iris Xe graphic, is now better than ever.

The HP Spectre x360 (2021), with its 2-in-1 design and new chassis, is still the best laptop. Although it is expensive, you get some great extras like Bang & Olufsen speakers and security features. 

This laptop is for you if you are concerned about aesthetics and performance as you are about overall quality.


  • Beautiful design
  • Battery life is excellent


  • Prices high
  • Fans can be loud

7.LG GRAM 17 (2021)

LG GRAM 17 (2021)
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This laptop, which has a 17-inch screen, is light at 1,350g (that’s almost 3 lbs), Its small dimensions (26.01x 38.02x 1.78cm) make it extremely portable.

The robust core hardware specification includes:

  • An Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU.
  • Intel Iris XE graphic chip.
  • 16 GB RAM.
  • 256 GB SSD storage.

This enhances portability. Add a new copy of Windows 10 to the mix, and you have a fantastic system. This system is fantastic and has a great battery life, a quality keyboard, and good audio.

The LG Gram 17 premium ultraportable laptop is an excellent choice for professionals who often travel to and from work and briefings. 


  • Amzing 17-inch screen
  • Design that is light and stylish
  • There are many battery options


  • No touchscreen

8.Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3
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The Acer Swift 3 is an excellent laptop with plenty of power, despite its modest exterior. The Swift 3 is not to be confused with Acer’s Switch 3, another laptop from Acer. 

However, the Swift 3 is a very affordable laptop. It has a plain aluminum chassis and is packed with heavy components. It is surprisingly comparable to the much more expensive Microsoft Surface Laptop in terms of performance.

The display is slightly lower-res than the Surface Laptop’s, but they are strikingly similar apart from the price. The laptop is easy to use, thanks to its large trackpad and backlit keyboard. 

This allows for comfortable typing with decent travel. This laptop is a great budget option if you plan to write a lot, whether traveling or working at home.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Very reasonable prices


  • It looks a little flat

9. APPLE Macbook PRO (M1, 2020)

best laptops APPLE Macbook PRO (M1, 2020)
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The M1 MacBook Air is our favorite laptop, but not for power users. It has an 8-core GPU that is more powerful and a fan. This means that the MacBook Pro does not have to throttle performance to keep cool under prolonged load. 

The fan is not noticeable in everyday computing. However, the Pro is faster for video rendering and other intensive tasks. There are apparent differences between the MacBook Pro and current Intel models. 

Not least, the screen size. While the 13.3 inch MacBook Pro is portable and convenient, it does not have the same screen area as the 16-inch Intel MacBook Pro. Although the 16-inch has more memory and RAM, but not directly comparable to the larger Pro, it is configurable with more storage.

The more significant Pro also has more ports, while here, you are limited to two. The M1 Mac has almost twice the battery life of its larger sibling. This is a big difference for professionals on the move. The Pro laptop lasts all day on one charge.


  • Blazing speed
  • All-day battery
  • High-quality build


  • Ports not available
  • Design is a little out of date

10. MacBook Pro (16-inch)

MacBook Pro (16-inch)
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We are sorry to see the MacBook Pro 15-inch go, but we welcome the new MacBook Pro (16-inch in 2019) with open arms. You wouldn’t believe this to be a 16-inch beast.

You still get the best display and the most recent components. This MacBook is, without doubt, the best MacBook for content creators, designers, and other creative professionals. It has powerful speakers and a better keyboard. 

We prefer the 16-inch version of the Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch (M1, 2020), but we like the newer model. It’s faster, has a discrete GPU, which is helpful for graphics-intensive tasks. The larger 16-inch screen makes it easier to use.

The MacBook Air (M1, 2020), which is at the top of our list of best laptops 2021, is the best laptop, with almost the same hardware and screen specs as the M1 MacBook Pro 13.-inch. This makes the 13-inch MacBook Pro a little redundant. However, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is a beast.


  • Amazing 16-inch screen
  • Improved keyboard


  • Expensive


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The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is a great value laptop. It’s light, stylish, and it doesn’t cost much. The IdeaPad 3 is not for everyone. Not everyone wants the best screen or the most powerful components. 

Some people just want the best bang for their buck. Everything else follows. The IdeaPad 3 is a very affordable laptop that looks fantastic and can handle all your daily tasks. 

This laptop is great for office work and light web browsing. The dedicated battery saver mode will also be advantageous. There are many options available for spec configurations, which can affect the price. However, regardless of the model you choose, you will get a reliable, attractive 14-inch laptop. 


  • Attractive price point
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Mode for battery saving


  • The screen could be brighter
  • Battery life average
  • Components with low power

12. Asus ROG Zephyrus

 Asus ROG Zephyrus
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The Asus Zephyrus G14’s performance isn’t perfect. It lacks a Thunderbolt 3 port and a webcam. It’s close to being one, earning it our highly coveted but rarely given five-star rating. 

This makes it one of our top picks for gaming laptops overall and one of the best laptops of 2021. This gaming laptop is a beast. It delivers incredible performance thanks to its AMD Ryzen 4000 processors, Nvidia RTX2060 graphics card, and offers the best-in-class battery that will last all day.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Light and thin


  • There is no webcam
  • Loud fans


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The Asus ZenBook Duo14’s main party trick is a good one – it is a second screen located just below the main display. It can be used for anything, from Photoshop dialog boxes to Spotify playlists and social media feeds. Windows will treat it as any other secondary display.

Although this laptop won’t appeal to everyone, it is very well-built and equipped with an excellent main screen if you don’t plan on using it regularly. You don’t need to worry about the battery life, as it can last for a full day at work.

The ZenBook Duo 14 has the latest Intel laptops, but serious gamers will require more power in the GPU department. This laptop has a bizarre gimmick, but it’s not really that crazy and is currently one of our top-rated laptops.


  • Solid typing experience
  • There is plenty of power


  • Graphics performance is relatively poor

14. Asus F15

Asus F15
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The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is not within your budget, and the Asus TUF Dash F15 is the best choice if you are looking for a laptop that can run the most recent games but won’t break the bank.

The TUF series of laptops from Asus has been praised for their value and reliability. This laptop is a great gaming laptop. It has a superb build quality, a powerful battery, and a thin and lightweight design. Intel Tiger Lake processors, Nvidia GeForce GTX 3000 Mobile GPUs, and a 240Hz 1080p LCD.


  • Battery life is long
  • Performances that are strong


  • There is no webcam
  • The color of the keyboard lighting cannot be changed


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Razer is most well-known for its gaming laptops. However, the Razer Book 13 is a unique non-gaming computer. While it doesn’t have the GPU of Razer, it still has the same solid build quality, customizable keyboard backlighting, and robust performance.

You can configure the RazerBook 13 with up to 4K resolution. Everything is vibrant and smooth, no matter if you are browsing the internet or watching movies. It’s easy to use and even more enjoyable for the typing experience.

This laptop is equipped with 11th-gen Intel processors and can perform a variety of demanding tasks. It can also handle light gaming if required. You won’t be disappointed if you spend your money on the Razer Book 13.


  • Amazingly designed
  • Many cool details
  • Bright and crisp 16:10 display


  • Laptops are not the thinnest
  • The more expensive side.
  • Gaming is not her forte

16. HP Elite Dragonfly H2

HP Elite Dragonfly H2
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The HP Elite Dragonfly G2 retains everything we love about the original HP Elite Dragonfly and adds cutting-edge Intel technology to enhance it. This means that HP has again created the best 2-in-1 laptop you can buy in 2021. 

It’s worthy to be on our top laptops 2021 list. This laptop features a stunning 2-in-1 design that allows you to transform it into a tablet-like device. It also has one of the most extended battery life we have ever seen on a Windows 10 laptop.

The new model also features the 11th-gen Intel Core processors, Intel Iris Xe graphics, and a 4K display. This is an upgrade from its Full HD predecessors. It’s the best laptop, with a lot of great features if you have the money.


  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Great screen


  • Expensive
  • Only one USB-C port


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Razer’s Blade Stealth 13 has taken its gaming expertise and added other influences to make a universally appealing laptop. It can play most games, but it also has a sleek design and a 4K touchscreen.

It’s not unusual for gaming laptops to be 15 inches or larger regarding their display size. This is because heat dissipation requires extra space. Blade Stealth 13 packs an Nvidia GeForce GTX-1650 Ti Max-Q 4-GB in a compact design. 

However, you’ll notice that it gets hot while gaming and the battery life is not great. Although the GPU will not give you the best frame rates, you can still play top-tier gaming at decent quality and reasonable frame rates.

Razer has another winner in its arsenal. This laptop is beautifully designed and excels at other tasks.


  • A stunning, elegant design
  • Display with 4K Touchscreen


  • Expensive
  • Battery life isn’t great

18. HP Envy 13 (2020)

HP Envy 13 (2020)
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP Envy x360 13 (2020) is an excellent example of how a 2-in-1 laptop can be stylish and premium without costing a lot. LIKE ALL MODERN HP LAPTOPS, the HP Envy 13 (2020) is beautiful and features a stunning screen as well as some of the most impressive speakers we have ever heard in a laptop.

The HP Envy 13 (2020) laptop is one of the most desirable in the world. It packs modern components from AMD and a powerful battery.


  • Battery life is excellent
  • Rapid charging


  • The hinges for the USB port cover feel awkward and weak.
  • There is no 4K display option

19. DELL XPS 17

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The Dell XPS 17 is one of the most desirable laptops on the market. The XPS 17 has the highest specification, with a 17.0-inch UHD+ (3840 x 2240 resolution) Infinity Edge Touch panel and an Anti-Reflective coating.

With its tiny bezels and screen, real estate is plentiful. The Ultra HD resolution sharpens everything. It’s genuinely a fantastic display. This laptop is potent when fully equipped. It can run any application or game with a massive amount of performance. 

The massive 64GB RAM and Intel Core i9 combine to make 8K video editing easy. Is Photoshop your favorite program? Editing large TIF files side by side is possible without the Dell XPS 17 sweating. The Nvidia GeForce RTX2060 6-GB can run modern AAA games.


  • Large, high-quality screen
  • Hardware specs that are powerful
  • Amazing fit and finish by Dell


  • Very expensive

20. Google Pixelbook Go

Google Pixelbook Go
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Google’s Pixelbook Go Chromebook is the most expensive Chromebook has to buy at the moment. The company shows everyone how it’s done. The Pixelbook was its predecessor and was a great Chromebook.

The Pixelbook Go is a cheaper Chromebook but retains many of its premium features. It also offers some amazing upgrades, such as a great keyboard and an incredible battery life. It boasts impressive specs for a Chromebook.

This ensures Chrome OS can fly on the device and places it on par with the MacBooks and Windows laptops that make up the rest of our best laptops list. The Pixelbook Go is your best choice if you are looking for the ultimate Chromebook.


  • Amazing battery life
  • Amazing ‘Hush!’ keyboard


  • No biometric login


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The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7, another excellent Windows laptop, is available in a variety of configurations so that you can tailor it to your needs and budget. You have the option to choose from either a 14-inch or 15.6-inch display, with resolutions up to 4K.

This allows you to decide whether portability or screen size is more important to you. You have a few options when it comes to integrated and discrete graphics. There aren’t many laptops that offer the choice of Intel or AMD chips. The laptop can handle light gaming and will withstand all your demands at the highest level.

There are many options for the design of the laptop. You can choose from a standard aluminum model or one with a fabric cover. Or you can opt for a striking orchid or slate grey as the base color. 

The laptop looks great in any configuration. The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 is a great package. It has a high battery life, lots of ports for external monitors, and an affordable price. This laptop is worth serious consideration, no matter what you are looking for in a laptop.


  • Elegant and chic design
  • Amazing battery life


  • Display aspect ratio 16:9
  • It’s not the cheapest

22. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

 Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook
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Lenovo makes not only the most powerful laptops but also some of the most acceptable Chromebooks. The brilliant Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook is a testament to how great these Chrome OS-powered laptops are. You can use it as a tablet or laptop, and it boasts some impressive specs.

It’s a Chromebook or a tablet. The brilliant Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook will make it easy for you to choose. This Chromebook is true to its name. It offers two forms in one and utilizes the flexibility of Chrome OS. It also costs less than some of the best Windows tablets

It has a battery life that is almost 22 hours, just like all Chromebooks. You can work all night, then wake up at mid-afternoon to recharge the battery.

There are some compromises to make for this price – the keyboard is small, the trackpad isn’t as reliable, and the charging port and headphones share one. These are not necessarily deal-breakers if you have a tight budget.


  • Battery life is long
  • Very affordable


  • The trackpad and keyboard are tiny and finicky
  • A single port is shared by headphones and charger


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Samsung’s Galaxy Book S is a top-rated laptop. It has a lightweight design and can last for many hours without needing to charge. The option to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip is available, which allows it to wake up quickly and connect to the internet very quickly.

However, it does not offer as much performance as comparable Windows laptops. There’s also the traditional Intel processor, which earned this laptop five stars in our review. It all depends on your preferences, but we believe the Galaxy Book S will appeal to many people.

The Galaxy Book usefulness should grow as more Windows apps are optimized to run on ARM processors. We believe that the Galaxy Book S’s positives outweigh its negatives. Just don’t attempt to edit 4K videos.


  • Amazing design and build
  • 4G LTE connectivity is available everywhere
  • Amazing battery life


  • Processors with low power
  • The trackpad isn’t greatNot all apps are optimized

24. Asus VivoBook flip

Asus VivoBook flip
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Another convertible laptop below $400 is here. It features a stunning display and reliable processing components. The Asus VivoBook Flip feels a bit more expensive than a budget notebook.

The 2-in-1 device is only 3.3 pounds in weight and features a slim chassis with a durable metallic hinge that supports 360-degree conversion. The existing form factor can be used in a stand, tent, tablet, or laptop mode. For enhanced productivity, the company offers Type-C and Micro HDMI.

Asus claims a great battery that can provide up to 14 hours of backup despite heavy usage. The battery’s SuperBattery Technology allows it to last nearly three times longer than any other device of the same type. The VivoBook Flip is a well-balanced model with stunning aesthetics.


  • Great battery module
  • Displays of vibrancy
  • Amazing structural design
  • Decent processor


  • eMMC Storage Units – Not So Expensive


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

If you don’t want too much, there’s plenty of competition. The Acer Swift 3 is among the top laptops. The 14-inch compact star shines because of its design and lightness.

It also has the internal specs that allow it to handle most tasks, even video renderings, and games. We were impressed by how responsive and quick the laptop was when browsing the internet and watching movies (even though the number of tabs opened started to increase).

Although the battery life may not be great, it should get you through your working day comfortably. Given the history of Acer Swift 3 machines, we are confident that the Swift 3 will last for many years. 


  • Bright and sharp screen
  • Attractive design
  • It’s easy to type comfortably


  • Graphics with limited integration
  • Battery life is average
  • A little bit on the pricey side


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is a stunning laptop with its 13.9-inch screen, ultra-thin bezels, and the new Emerald Green color option. This is the perfect Windows laptop for those who want a small but powerful Windows machine. 

You get a quad-core Intel Core i7-10510U processor (10th generation), 16GB RAM, and up to 1TB SSD storage. You can also get the Nvidia GeForce 250 GPU, which is a lower-end version of integrated graphics.

This means that the laptop can handle web browsing, image editing, document editing, and even light video editing. The MateBook X Pro 2019 was a good choice, but the 2020 model is better. 


  • Battery life is excellent
  • Amazing, brilliant screen
  • Intel 10th-gen CPU


  • The more expensive side
  • Strange placement of webcams
  • No 4K resolution

27. HP 245

HP 245
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

This laptop’s key feature is the AMD Ryzen 3300U processor. It has four cores and Radeon Vega 6 graphic cards. Both of these make it a high-performing laptop f. The price is around 500 dollar. This laptop is lightweight at 3.5274 pounds and has all the necessary connectivity features, such as multiple USB ports and an HDMI port. 

It also comes with a microphone jack and a headphone jack. Thanks to Radeon graphics embedded in AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPU, this laptop is capable of casual gaming. It will please you to know that this laptop is still affordable and offers a full HD display.


  • Very cheap in price
  • 1TB storage 


  • Only 2 ports


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 offers the best of both worlds. It is the best 2-in-1 laptop. The screen can be removed and converted to a tablet. However, this laptop is still a beast. You can pack the Surface Book 3 with power – an Intel Core i7 processor, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1600 graphics chipset, and multiple configurations can all be fitted to this laptop.

There are two screen sizes available: 13.5 inches and 15.1. This gives you more options to choose the right Surface Book 3 model for you. As usual with Surface hardware, the build quality of this laptop is superb.


  • Amazing PixelSense display
  • Option for powerful gaming GPU
  • Tablet and laptop that are uncompromising


  • Very expensive
  • Battery life is not sufficient

29. ASUS ROG S GX701

Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

We have highlighted this laptop as the absolute best laptop to play games in 2021. The new Zephrus builds on last year’s GX501 and keeps it on top of the gaming laptop market by dialing things up to 11. 

The system also features an Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 graphics card, A refueled Intel Core i7-8750H CPU that can run up to a 4.1GHz stack of 24GB DDR4 RAM. All this high-end hardware has resulted in a remarkable level of AAA gaming performance for a portable device. 

Metro Exodus ran flawlessly with all graphics settings at maximum and the Ray Tracing lighting technology-enabled. The GX701 also passed our 3DMark benchmark testing.

The package includes a beautiful, thin magnesium chassis, an exceptionally engineered vent cooling, and a 17.3-inch Full HD (1.920×1,080), IPS, Pantone Validated, 144Hz refresh rate with Nvidia’s G-Sync panel.


  • Incredible gaming power
  • High-quality build quality
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • High price point
  • Keyboard crammed
  • Battery life is concise

30. DELL G5 15

DELL G5 15
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Dell G5 15 is a gaming laptop that combines elegance and subtlety. It has multiple configurations of high-performance performance and a clean-looking chassis with one of the most innovative lighting effects we have ever seen. 

Your games will look amazing on the 15.6 inches 1920 x 1080 pixels display panel. The refresh rate can be increased to an incredible 144Hz. You won’t experience any lag or stutter regardless of what title you are playing.

The Dell G5 15 still manages to be compact despite having some of the most advanced laptop components. It’s worth considering all that Dell has done on the inside and outside of the laptop.


  • Compact design
  • Screen speed: 144Hz
  • Graphics card with good quality


  • The specs are pretty expensive.
  • Not the best screen colors
  • Cooling can be a bit noisy

31. HP ENVY 13

Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP Envy 13 has the same 8th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU as many of the other systems in this guide. However, it doubles down with 16GB RAM and graphics handled via the Nvidia GeForce MX250. It also uses an additional 2GB of dedicated video memory. 

The HP Envy 13 is also very affordable at just a little over 1,000 pounds, which gives it excellent performance and a low price. It has a few decent security features, including a fingerprint scanner and an electronic webcam kill switch.

This laptop is excellent for general work, such as spreadsheets or image manipulation. The laptop also features audio technology from Bang and Olufsen as well as HP’s Audio Boost technology. This makes the sound as clear as a bell.

Although the trackpad is a bit fragile, the backlit keyboard feels solid and easy to use. Although the snap-open design of the integrated USB Type-A ports makes it challenging to use, it is a pleasant sight to have regular USB compatibility in an ultralight laptop. 

The screen resolution is 1080p, and it’s high-quality. There’s a slight ridge at its base that pushes up the lower half of the laptop at an angle when placed on flat surfaces. This makes typing a lot easier.


  • Amazing performance for an ultra-light laptop
  • The audio design of high quality
  • Camera kill switch


  • Bouncy keyboard
  • There is no USB-C charging

32. ASUS Zenbook PRO 14 (UX480)

ASUS Zenbook PRO 14 (UX480)
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

This laptop “really scores high in many departments”. It’s beautiful, has plenty of power, and the price for what you get is fair. That’s all there is to it. 

This is not the unique feature of this system: its ScreenPad. The screenplay, a large touchpad that can be used as a second screen with Windows extendable and specific applications like Spotify, gives you additional information and controls. It is a tribute to Apple’s TouchBar.

The Pro 14 is a solid all-rounder. It comes with an 8th-gen quad-core Intel Core i7-8565U CPU, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD storage. There’s also an Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 Max-Q chipset that has 2GB of video RAM. It is powerful enough to handle all computing tasks.


  • High-end specifications
  • Attractive design
  • Bright and vibrant touchscreen


  • Average battery life
  • Gamers will demand more power
  • ScreenPad can distract you


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The biggest challenge for a new laptop buyer is finding the right balance between affordability and performance. This is a problematic area for most laptop manufacturers to find, but the Predator Helios 300 from Acer has found it. 

It features an Intel Core i7-8750H processor and a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. This laptop is robust and features a Full HD 17.6-inch display. It’s perfect for playing your favorite Steam games on the go. It’s a sub-PS1,000 laptop.


  • Amazing set of specifications
  • Competitively priced
  • Gaming skills that are excellent


  • Battery life average
  • It is not the most enjoyable typing experience
  • It is also available on other laptops


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Although it is a common practice for companies to give employees laptops, there are still some instances where this is not true. Lenovo has adopted the ThinkPad brand and is now available to those customers. Although the design is not very fancy, it is still a powerful laptop at an affordable price. 

This laptop is an excellent choice for business-focused users who don’t care about flashy looks.

The base model retails at just over a million dollars and comes with an Intel i5 processor at 1.60GHz or more, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD. This is twice the standard offered by many manufacturers. Lenovo also offers the i7 with double the storage and RAM for around a grand and a half.


  • The design has been tested and proven to work
  • Excellent trackpad and keyboard
  • Price point competitive


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Under load, fans can become loud


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Gaming laptops are often referred to as laptops because they have high-end components and a visual flair. But you don’t need to be a gamer to appreciate these attributes. Razer’s Blade 15 Advanced is an example of this. It shows that Razer continues to build premium laptops.

The 15.6-inch display’s chassis is beautifully constructed. Internal components are high quality, and the lighting system around keys is excellent. The Razer Blade 15 Advanced is a perfect choice for gaming and spreadsheet work.


  • Style Oozes
  • Amazing screen


  • Poor keyboard
  • Expensive 

36. Dell XPS 13 7390 (2020)

Dell XPS 13 7390 (2020)
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Dell XPS series has been a top-rated laptop line, with the 7390 2-in-1 model being no exception. This model features a Core-i7 10th generation processor, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and 512GB onboard storage. 

This combination makes this laptop powerful and sleek, even though there is no discrete GPU. While a powerful GPU is required for video editing or AAA gaming, everyday tasks can be done just fine without it.

Andy, our reviewer, really enjoyed the 7390’s minimalist design made of aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber. Andy also liked the 1920×1200 display, describing it as “sharp” and “color accurate with excellent viewing angles.” 

The laptop scored well in PCMark 10 Work 2.0 (4.139) and GFX bench (8.878). You can use the battery for about 10 hours, which is enough to provide a full day of productivity. You can charge your laptop through one of the two USB-C ports.

This port, along with a 3.5mm headset jack and an SD card reader, is the I/O. To plug in anything, we recommend purchasing a USB hub. The keyboard and trackpad were described as “expansive” and “responsive” by our reviewer.

He had some trouble with the fingerprint reader. The Dell XPS 13 7390 may not be the newest, but it is the one that we believe offers the best combination of power, value, and style. It is our top choice.


  • Light and thin
  • Beautiful display
  • Excellent keyboard and trackpad
  • Amazing battery life


  • No discrete GPU
  • Bad fingerprint sensor
  • Ports with minimal impact

37. Acer Predator Triton 300 SE

Acer Predator Triton 300 SE
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Acer Predator Triton 300 SE laptop is designed for gamers, but it’s also suitable for professionals. The Triton is a gaming laptop that looks great and has RGB everywhere. The Triton comes with a Core i7 11th-generation processor, 32GB RAM, and a 512 GB SSD drive. 

The laptop also features an Nvidia GeForce RTX3060 graphics card, which makes it scream.

The Triton 300 SE is designed for gamers and features a 14-inch FHD display. It also boasts a pair of speakers that, according to our reviewer.

This is something you don’t often hear about when it comes to laptop speakers. Even when the router is removed, the laptop can still deliver impressive Wi-Fi speeds. The speeds of streaming and downloading games from our tester’s detached office were incredible. 

At 3.5 hours, the battery life isn’t remarkable. A laptop with a discrete GPU would have a larger battery. The majority of our complaints about this laptop are minor. Cable management is a problem because the ports are located at the front of the laptop. 

The machine also had a lot of pre-installed programs, which is often called “bloatware.” If you can overlook that, this laptop is great-looking and has impressive specs. It’s perfect for editing videos or gaming.


  • Lightweight and small
  • Amazing display
  • Amazing performance
  • Wireless connectivity at an excellent level


  • Port locations can be annoying
  • Battery life is too short


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The ThinkPad X1 Nano is a regular ThinkPad. It has a sturdy chassis, discrete clickers, and a physical privacy shutter. There’s also a red TrackPoint at the keyboard. And all the business-specific security features and management options.

The Nano is unique because it’s the smallest ThinkPad Lenovo has ever produced. The Nano is also the lightest laptop you can purchase at 1.99 pounds. Nano isn’t sacrificing performance for that lightweight. 

It performed flawlessly under our demanding testing loads without any fan noises or visible heat. This is the laptop for you if you are looking for a reliable business notebook that fits in your briefcase. It cost $1,202 and the ThinkPad X1 Nano premium laptop is built for professionals.


  • Highly lightweight
  • Excellent battery life


  • Limited ports


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Chromebook Duet from Lenovo is an excellent convertible laptop that can be used for browsing and gaming. The Chromebook Duet is a well-made, attractive 10-inch device with a kickstand and detachable keyboard.

The Duet is lightweight and portable, with a weight of just 2.03 pounds and an impressive battery life of over 11 hours. Although the Duet’s MediaTek processor can’t handle heavy loads, it’s perfectly capable of browsing in several tabs, playing Android games, and watching Netflix.

It even handles photo editing quite well. Chrome OS’s Duet now has a “tablet mode,” allowing you to use an Android-inspired gesture navigation system and a customized Chrome layout for tablet use.

The Chromebook Duet is a great deal for its low price and is the Chromebook you should buy if your budget is tight.

The Chromebook Duet has a long battery life and a 16/10 aspect ratio display that allows for more content to be displayed at once. You can use the Duet as a tablet or a laptop. It does not have a 3.5mm headphone socket and only one USB-C port.


  • Great performance
  • Powerful Display


  • Bad keyboard


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

You would expect compromises in portability and design if you need a 17-inch laptop capable of running today’s most demanding games. These best notebooks can often be over seven pounds and require several power to charge.

The Blade Pro 17 may not have the same gaming capabilities as some more extensive desktop replacements, but it sports the Razer Blade’s trademark compact design. It weighs in at just seven pounds. 

This is an ideal size for 17-inch workstations. It comes with an RTX GPU (up to Nvidia’s 2080Super Max-Q), an eight-core CPU from Intel’s Core i7-1075H, and either a screen at 300 Hz or a touchscreen at 120Hz. You can even get an RGB keyboard that has color effects specific to your game.


  • Great Audio
  • Great gaming performance


  • Expensive
  • Poor battery life

41. Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon 8th Generation

Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon 8th Generation
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Although Lenovo did not make any changes to the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, it now boasts Intel 10th Gen processors. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon delivers fast performance and long battery life on the 1080p model. It also has two stunning 1080p or 4K display options. All this in a 2.4-pound chassis.

It’s those classic ThinkPad features, such as a sturdy design (with MIL STD-810G strength), best-in-class keyboard, and stealthy black/red aesthetics, that make the X1 Carbon great.

We wish that the ThinkPad X1 Carbon had not abandoned the SD card reader from the previous model. Top configurations can be very costly, but it’s hard to find a better business machine overall.


  • Lightweight, slim design
  • Bright and vibrant displays in 1080p or 4K
  • Klass-leading keyboard
  • Rapid performance


  • Weak graphic

42. Lenovo Legion Y545

Lenovo Legion Y545
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Lenovo Legion 545 is a powerful gaming laptop that offers excellent performance and a professional-ready look, all at a very affordable price. The Legion Y545 gaming laptop is a reasonable choice thanks to its Nvidia GTX 1660T GPU and Intel Core i7 processor.

It keeps competitors away. Lenovo chose a subtle, sophisticated design over a flashy display of light, which allows it to be used in both an office setting and at a LAN party.

The notebook’s discrete Nvidia graphic chip delivers a surprising amount of power and produces above-average results. The Core i7 processor of the laptop can be used to create spreadsheets and light video editing. You can also watch movies on the 1080p display. 

The laptop is affordable and offers a great keyboard and audio. It’s the best gaming laptop on the market.


  • Elegant, yet understated design
  • Gaming excellence and great overall performance
  • Comfortable keyboard


  • Battery life is below average

43. Acer Chromebook Spin 713

Acer Chromebook Spin 713
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is an excellent option for Chrome OS users who need more flexibility than the Google Pixelbook Go. This 2-in-1 laptop is only $629 and offers a stunning 13.5-inch screen and fast performance thanks to its Intel Core i5-10210U processor.

The Chromebook Spin 713’s battery life is nearly 12 hours. This means that it will last you through the entire school day, even as you bounce between classes. You can draw, take notes or share a project quickly with your classmate by folding it back.

The Chromebook Spin 713 is an excellent laptop for students in K-12 and college due to its versatile design, high performance, and beautiful display.


  • Bright and colorful touch screen
  • Extraordinary battery life
  • Performance speed
  • Flexible form factor


  • Bad Keyboard 

44. Asus Gaming A15

Asus Gaming A15
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Asus TUF Gaming A15 from last year is still one the most popular gaming laptops, thanks to its AMD 8-core Ryzen7 4800H APU. Add the 1TB NVMe SSD speed and Nvidia GeForce GTX 2060 graphics, and you have a great gaming laptop.

We reviewed the TUF gaming A15 and called it an “incredibly versatile, inexpensive gaming laptop with a battery that lasts almost as long at this price or performance level.”

There are $999 RTX 2060 machines available. The price is the only problem. Thanks to its game performance, powerful CPU, and long battery life, it is an excellent laptop for work and plays.

Asus recently released a new TUF GamingA15 (2021) version. However, it isn’t as powerful as the model from last year.  The components are hot, and the laptop can get very loud while gaming. You’d be better off looking for older models. They often see significant savings.


  • 90 Wh battery
  • Screen with FHD resolution at 144 Hz
  • Design that is solid


  • Hot and loud can be dangerous

45. MSI Stealth

MSI Stealth
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The MSI GS66 machine is a beast: It’s powerful, sleek, and slick. However, it isn’t Nvidia Ampere’s power with no compromises. MSI had to be a bit conservative in its power requirements to pack an RTX 3080 as powerful as it is into an 18mm-thin chassis.

The 95W version is the top GPU, meaning it barely outperforms a fully unleashed RTX 3070. This type can be found in the Gigabyte Aorus 15G XC.

You have all the Nvidia MaxQ3.0 features available to you, and it can get quite loud. Whisper Mode 2.0 will reduce gaming volume to a whisper if you’re looking to be stealthy.

The GS66 also has a stunning 240Hz 1440p panel that matches the GPU’s powerful GPU. While you will have to compromise on raw frame rates compared with the RTX 3080 in a bulky workstation, the MSI GS66 Stealth gaming laptop is extremely slim.


  • Powerful and sleek
  • Battery life is long
  • Optional 1440p payment


  • It gets a slim chassis compromise loud-Fps

46. Asus ROG Strix Scar

 Asus ROG Strix Scar
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

You can find a more sensible gaming laptop. But something is appealing about the ROG Strix Scar17 G733. From the powerful CPU to the stunningly fast 360 Hz display, Asus has pushed the limits to surpass our benchmarks for gaming laptops.

It also ranks high in benchmarks for gaming laptops, thanks to the GeForce GTX 3080, which can be found beating at its heart. 

This is Nvidia’s top Ampere GPU at 115W, and it can achieve the kind of numbers that smaller machines cannot even imagine. Nvidia’s superb DLSS can be used to attain insane frame rates, provided it is implemented.

The 17-inch chassis gives the components more space to breathe than the competition. This is combined with an excellent cooling system that creates a quiet and peaceful slice of gaming excellence. Asus has managed to fit an optomechanical keyboard onto its Scar 17, which is a joy for both gaming and serious pursuits.


  • It’s flashy, but not too flashy
  • Opto-mechanical keyboard
  • Quiet cooling
  • Amazing screen refresh rate
  • Amazing battery


  • Its sizeable 17 inch screen is a testament to its size

47. Gigabyte Aorus 5G XC

Gigabyte Aorus 5G XC
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Gigabyte Aorus G15 XC has a lot of great features. There are only a few things that can stop it from being the best gaming laptop. 

We are left wondering if it would be better without the webcam. It’s also deplorable in terms of battery life. However, if you want to watch movies or do any work without a power outlet, you will get much more.

The critical question is: Does the Gigabyte Aorus 15G perform well in gaming? The short answer to this question is yes.

It is a solid gaming computer. Although it will be slower than machines with an RTX3080, Gigabyte decided to keep the 1080p panel so it can achieve smooth frame rates in the most recent games. 

This is what you should hear when spending $1,800 to buy a gaming laptop. This machine will provide a high-quality gaming experience, even in the most extreme settings.

Although it’s not as visually appealing as other machines, it’s still very usable. This machine’s ability to play games should ultimately be what is judged. It gets a thumbs up. 

Although an RTX 3080-powered machine will produce higher frame rates in some cases, it won’t be as fast in others. However, this system will cost more than the $1800 that is being charged for the Aorus notebook.


  • Amazing gaming performance
  • Vibrant screen at 240 Hz
  • Running in silence


  • Terrible webcam placement
  • It doesn’t look very good


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

ROG Strix G15 advantage edition is a few gaming laptops with an AMD processor AND an AMD GPU. It delivers the same gaming performance as laptops equipped with Nvidia’s best GPUs. 

It also offers one of our best gaming battery experiences — it was capable of maintaining playable frame rates in Red Dead Redemption II for over an hour without a charger.

The Strix G15 is one of the most durable gaming laptops available. We averaged 9 hours and 16 minutes of use per charge. This is doubly impressive considering the Strix G15’s flashy LEDs. 

It powers several bright LEDs, including an RGB keyboard per key and a light stripe running along the deck’s front edge. The Strix G15 Advantage edition gaming laptop is an excellent choice if you like bold, jazzy designs and are a big fan of AMD.

All RGB and all AMD are supported by the Asus ROG Strix G15 advantage Edition. It offers exceptional battery life and gaming performance.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Powerful Speakers


  • No webcam
  • Lound in 3d mode

49. DELL G5 15 SE

Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Dell G5 15 SE offers great gaming at a lower price than many of its competitors. This laptop is the most affordable gaming laptop available at around $1,000.

It also doesn’t require too many compromises. It only has a 60Hz screen, but the AMD Ryzen 7 processor can handle all demanding games at native 1080p resolution. This means you can expect a consistent, playable experience with your favorite titles.

The connectivity of the G5 is also impressive. The G5 comes with a Mini Display Port and an HDMI, as well as an Ethernet jack. These are ports that you won’t find on other laptops in this price range. The G5 is the best choice if you want great value for money.


  • Excellent battery life


  • Poor design
  • Heavy 


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The ROG Strix Scar 15 premium gaming laptop is an excellent choice if you want a traditional, premium gaming laptop with a flashy, colorful look. The Strix’s keyboard has the best RGB lighting and effects we have ever seen. 

The deck also features a customizable light strip that wraps around the deck and a glowing logo on its lid. This is how it works: people will notice if you use it in public.

The Strix is also great inside, with some of the highest frame rates available for a 15-inch laptop running Nvidia and Intel’s top chips. A 300 Hz screen option will allow you to get the most out of these chips. 

The Strix is preloaded with several programs that can be customized to enhance your gaming experience. Based on what game you’re playing, you can customize color profiles and bandwidth allocation.

The Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 notebook is a colorful and flashy choice for esports gaming. It is portable and powerful with a customizable keyboard.


  • Comfortable typing experience
  • Great performance


  • Average battery life
  • Missing webcam


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Alienware Area 51m might appeal to you if money and desk space is not an issue. This heavy-duty rig is a laptop in desktop form. 

Combining a desktop-class processor with a robust mobile GPU and a 17-inch screen and full-size keyboard gives it proper desktop performance while being technically portable. Many of the components can be updated by PC enthusiasts, including RAM and storage.

Alienware Area 51m is a gaming laptop that can withstand heavy use. It’s not a laptop inside. It uses desktop-class components that the user can upgrade.


  • It has a powerful processor
  • Amazing design


  • Expensive 


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The ExpertBook B9400 is an excellent option if you’re looking for an ultrabook. This ultrabook is ASUS’ flagship, and it boasts the world’s lightest, 14-inch laptop. It is based on Intel’s EVO platform, making them very reliable and fast for everyday tasks. 

We love the ExpertBook B9400’s small size and the many ports it has. The laptop has a great keyboard and an extra-large touchpad that doubles as a Numpad.


  • Excellent design and build quality.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • Ultra-portable form factor
  • Reliable performance.


  • Speakers are not so good
  • The display cannot be used in direct sunlight.


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

It can be challenging to find a reliable and good laptop for a budget, but we have an excellent option. The Acer Aspire S7 gaming laptop is a perfect choice if you don’t have a budget for more than $800. 

The Ryzen 5 5500U chip powers it, and there is enough storage and RAM to give you a solid performance. Battery life is a significant strength of the Acer Aspire 7. 

The battery life was impressively long, surpassing other gaming laptops of its class. We had one complaint about the laptop, but that’s not a significant problem considering the price.


  • Design with simplicity
  • Fantastic performance with AMD Ryzen 5, 5500U
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Port selection is excellent


  • Highly uncalibrated displays
  • The speakers could have been more powerful


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The new 15.6-inch ThinkPad is as extreme as its name implies. Lenovo has updated this laptop with the latest Intel Core vPro H Series processors. It also has 64GB of RAM. It can store up to two SSDs on PCIe and features an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 Ti GPU for graphics. It is amazing!


  • Thin and lightweight 
  • Dual M.2 slots


  • Expensive
  • Average speakers


Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The 2020 edition HP Envy 15 was designed with content creators in mind. This laptop is ideal for anyone who requires a powerful machine with an IPS display and will last for at least a few years. Although we have yet to see the 11th-gen Intel Core processor upgrade, it is still quite powerful and offers many cool features.


  • Elegant Design
  • The CPU-GPU does not throttle.
  • Video editing is effortless.


  • The keyboard surface can heat up.
  • USB-C is not compatible with charging.

56. Acer Chromebook 314

Acer Chromebook 314
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Chromebooks are a popular choice for student laptops due to their tremendous value. Chrome OS is less resource-intensive than Windows 10. Chromebooks can use lower-powered hardware while still offering excellent performance.

Chromebooks can be a lot more affordable than Windows 10 devices. The Acer Chromebook 314 is our top pick for students. It’s inexpensive, so you won’t have to spend your student loan on a laptop. 

However, it offers many great features, including a 14-inch display with vivid color and 12-hour battery life. This means you can use it for the entire school day and still have enough battery life.

It is also very comfortable. This is a great feature for students who will be typing a lot on the laptop. You can also use it as a media player, so you can access Netflix whenever you (or your student) need to unwind. All this for an affordable price.

Keep in mind, though Chrome OS may not run all the programs that you usually get on Windows 10, there are often excellent alternatives.


  • Outstanding battery life and performance
  • Bright and crisp screen


  • No touchscreen
  • No fingerprint reader

57. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

This Microsoft Surface Pro 7 deserves its spot on our list of best laptops. Although it’s a Windows 10 laptop and tablet, the type cover is optional and can be attached to make it a laptop-like device. This makes it perfect for writing essays.

It’s small, can be carried around easily, and is portable. The tablet comes with a quad-core Intel processor. This means that it can run almost any app you might need to support your studies.


  • USB-C is finally here
  • Wi-Fi 6 is now available


  • Battery life is being reduced overall
  • Thunderbolt 3 is not USB-C

58. Asus Chromebook Flip

Asus Chromebook Flip
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Another Chromebook is added to this list. This just goes to show the value of Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks for students. 

The Asus Chromebook Flip has a low price, long battery life and is perfect for students who need a machine that they can use throughout the day without worrying about losing power. It can perform daily tasks such as creating documents and presentations. 

The Asus Chromebook Flip is an excellent choice for students younger than 13 or children starting with laptops. It’s sturdy and affordable, easy to set parental controls, and doesn’t need to be updated or virus-tested.


  • Tablet mode in elegant style
  • Tactile keyboard


  • No support for out-of-box Android apps
  • Middling speakers

59. Asus ZenBook 13 UX325EA

Asus ZenBook 13 UX325EA
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

A ZenBook is a unique device. They are beautiful, lightweight, and beautiful. Asus has some digital aces up their sleeves. The secret sauce in the Asus ZenBook 13 UX325EA is Intel’s new Tiger Lake chip. It cost $949. 

Intel’s Evo initiative offers Intel Tiger Lake chips that offer more excellent performance, longer battery life and introduce Thunderbolt 4 as well as Wi-Fi 6. The ZenBook’s durable, beautiful chassis is an added benefit.


  • The sleek, lightweight frame
  • Powerful gaming performance
  • Excellent battery lifetime
  • Comfortable keyboard


  • Weak speakers

60. Asus ZenBook 13 UM325S

Asus ZenBook 13 UM325S
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Asus ZenBook 13 UM325S ultra-portable laptop is a fantastic choice. It boasts outstanding performance, excellent battery life, and powerful speakers. Its compact size is the only problem. Although it’s very portable, the touchpad and keyboard are somewhat challenging to use.

Overall, however, the ZenBook 13 is an excellent ultraportable laptop, provided you have small hands and can use its keyboard.


  • Excellent performance
  • Gorgeous LCD display
  • Long battery lifetime
  • Sleek ultraportable design
  • Well-rounded speaker


  • Cramped keyboard 
  • Sticky touchpad

61. Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Acer Aspire 5, a laptop under $500. Its 8th Generation Core i3 performance, 1080p display, and long battery life make it a top choice. All this at a very affordable price. The Aspire 5 is thinner than its Aspire E 15 sibling. However, the Aspire 5 has enough space to hold a battery that can last nearly 9 hours.

Although it doesn’t have a DVD writer built-in, the device still supports a good number of ports. It has a brightness of 276 nits, giving it a decent contrast. The hood is made of aluminum. The display’s bezels are pretty narrow for a cheap laptop. The Aspire 5 laptop is among the most affordable currently on sale.


  • Strong performance
  • Long-life battery
  • Bright, 1080p LCD display


  • Middle graphics
  • Questionable building quality

62. Dell Inspiron

Dell Inspiron
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Dell Inspiron hybrid laptop is compact and comes with many features. It has a 14-inch screen, which isn’t too big for long work hours. The design of the Dell Inspiron may not be as elegant as those on more expensive laptops, but it has serious advantages such as price and conversion.

This budget-friendly laptop can be used for many purposes thanks to its full HD screen, RAM and SSD. Although the laptop does not support 4K resolution.


  • Compact design
  • Performance excellence
  • USB Type C, USB Type A, HDMI ports


  • A little dim screen
  • Battery life average
  • Thunderbolt 3 port not available

63. HP Pavilion

HP Pavilion
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP Pavilion is a Windows laptop that’s as good as any at $900. It has many premium features, which are not available on more expensive models. This model has a sleek design and is lighter than its predecessor. 

However, they were released at almost the same time. The HP Pavilion is equipped with a full HD screen and delivers sharp, high-quality images. 

The laptop features in-plane switching technology that allows you to capture stunning photos from many angles. The screen will appear slightly dim when the screen is viewed from the top, side, or bottom.


  • Amazing value for money
  •  Beautiful design
  •  It works well
  •  Responsive keys


  • The screen is a little dim
  •  Only one USB-C port

64. HP Pavilion x360

HP Pavilion x360
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The pavilion is a well-known brand that makes high-quality laptops at a reasonable price. The company’s circular logo can be seen on the lid of the laptop and the lower display rim.

The upscale system of the device featured an updated logo with four-slash letters. You can feel a slight bend by grasping the corners or pressing the keyboard.


  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic keyboard and a long-lasting battery
  • Amazing audio
  • Convertible design


  • 128GB SSD is not always enough
  •  Bland screen

65. HP Pavilion Gaming

HP Pavilion Gaming
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP Pavilion Gaming gaming laptop is under 900 dollars. It boasts a sleek design and many new features. This model has a more efficient cooling system. This device has a 17-inch screen and features enlarged ventilation grills.

The HP Pavilion Gaming has a 1080p 144Hz screen which can significantly enhance your gaming experience. This device supports Core i7-9750H as well as GeForce GTX 1660T Max-Q. 

The model is more functional than the processor and has a better build quality. These features make HP Pavilion Gaming the most affordable laptop under 900 USD for gaming.


  • The battery can last long enough
  • Support for Wi-Fi 6


  • Thunderbolt 3 port not available
  •  Dull screen

66. MSI GF63 Thin

MSI GF63 Thin
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

MSI GF63 Thin, a budget laptop priced below 900 dollars, is attractive for its simple design and lightweight construction. This model can be used in combination with the more expensive GS65 Stealth Thin because it features narrow bezels, a backlit keyboard, and a brushed aluminum finish. 

The model is equipped with a powerful Intel Core i5/i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX1050/GTX1650 Ti graphics.


  • Constructed of lightweight and slim materials
  • High-quality graphics
  • Competitive price


  •  Battery life could be longer

67. ASUS TUF Gaming F17

ASUS TUF Gaming F17
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Asus TUF Gaming F17 is a reputable gaming series. The launch of the Asus TUF Gaming F17 brought it under $900 and featured top-quality specifications.

It offers everything that a gamer would want in a gaming laptop. High refresh-rate display, powerful processor, a decent memory, dedicated GPU, and a reasonable price

The specs say that the 10th-generation Intel Core i5-10300H CPU powers it. You won’t find a better processor if you have a tight budget but are passionate about gaming. The processor has six cores and a base clock speed of 3GHz. This can be increased to 4GHz if the machine requires more processing power.

The CPU is paired with NVIDIA GeForceGTX 1650 Ti graphics cards and 4GB GDDR6 video RAM. The provided combination of GPU and CPU will deliver excellent optical performance. A larger display is also possible.

The 17.3 inches front section has a full HD display with 1920×1080 resolution and 144HHz refresh speed. This display is an excellent choice for gamers and offers clear crisp visuals.

8GB DDR4 RAM is available, and 512GB SSD storage is available. 

Although the RAM is a bit lower than expected, you can quickly increase it by adding a slot. Gaming requires at least 16GB RAM. The limited price makes it possible to cut costs. It is the best gaming laptop under $900, with solid build quality and an RGB backlit keyboard.


  • Bigger Display
  • Solid Construction Quality
  • RGB Backlit Keyboard
  • Balanced performance


  • Average Battery
  • Low memory

68. Lenovo Ideapad 5

Lenovo Ideapad 5
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

We also bring you the Lenovo Ideapad 5, which will allow you to take control of the space in your home. It features an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, which is a new 11th gen. processor. Intel Iris Xe is the GPU integration. This is a powerful integrated graphics card that is capable of handling medium-high graphics.

The 15.6-inch Full HD touchscreen is responsive and clear with a crystal clear visual. There are several valuable features, such as a backlit keyboard and fingerprint reader. It also has incredibly long battery life.

Although the build quality is good, it doesn’t fall into the special category. It comes with 12GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD storage. It can handle any task. It offers most likely all one would expect from a touchscreen laptop below $900.


  • Powerful 11th Gen.
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Substantial Touch Response
  • Durable body


  • Average Battery

69. Dell G3

Dell G3
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Another fantastic machine is the Dell G3579, designed specifically for gamers looking for a gaming laptop for under $800. It’s equipped with the latest Intel i5 processor, which delivers an impressive performance level and is powerful enough to run high-end programs smoothly. 

The laptop also has 8GB RAM, which you can expand up to 32GB if needed. This laptop has a solid 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD storage. It can store large files, as well as save games at high settings. An SSD drive speeds up the laptop’s boot time.

The laptop boasts a 15.6-inch display screen, which allows you to see the screen from all angles. It also features FHD anti-glare technology. This laptop’s graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050, which has 4GB of graphics memory.

This ensures you can play your favorite games without color disruption. You can easily carry the Dell G3579 around. The sleek design makes it stand out, and the battery life can last up to 7 hours.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • 120Hz Display 


  • Processor performance is not so good

70. Acer Chromebook 514

 Acer Chromebook 514
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

This Acer Chromebook 514 laptop is the best-looking, most comfortable laptop you can buy for under $400. This laptop is the only one in this price range to have an HDMI port. All-metal chassis. It doesn’t lack any features and is quite adequate for daily tasks.

The 14-inch full HD touchscreen screen is responsive to touch and bright enough to be used outdoors. It’s also colorful enough to view YouTube and Netflix videos. Although the speakers are good, headphones would be more beneficial. 

These speakers are loud but lack bass. Its backlit keyboard is also an excellent value for money. The keys are deep enough to provide tactile feedback and significant travel. The touchpad is large and easy to use for navigation in Chrome OS.

The Chromebook 514’s performance comes in an Intel Celeron N3450 processor with 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC storage, and 4GB RAM. The Chromebook 514 delivers enough performance to meet most users’ daily needs. 

It can surf the internet with just 4-5 tabs, edit a document, or create a presentation all at once. The Chromebook 514 will slow down if you do anything more intensive than that. The Chromebook 514’s performance is not its most vital point. 

If you’re a power user, our top choice – Lenovo Flex 5 13″ would be a better choice. Although it doesn’t have an all-metal case, it is a sturdy laptop with a more powerful Intel Core CPU.

The Acer Chromebook 514 is an excellent option for anyone looking to purchase a premium, well-built laptop below $400. Although it may not be the fastest, this Chromebook 514 will provide the same feel as a MacBook for much less.


  • Great battery life
  • Good display


  • Design is not to attractive 

71. Lenovo IdeaPad 710S

Lenovo IdeaPad 710S
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

If you’re looking for a laptop under $800, this is another excellent option. This laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor that can handle complex CPU tasks.

The 13.3-inch touchscreen display on the Lenovo IdeaPad 710S delivers an incredible array of colors. It has a classic, sleek design that is stylish. The Lenovo IdeaPad 710S is very portable at 2.79 pounds.

You can save your most important files with 8GB RAM and 512GB storage. The Lenovo IdeaPad 710S’s most distinctive feature is its graphics card. This best laptop comes with the NVIDIA GeForce940MX with 2GB of memory. 

You will be able to run the most demanding programs on it without any problems. Other exciting features include a backlit keyboard that allows you to work even at night. The laptop also has a fingerprint reader, which enhances security.

The battery life of the Lenovo IdeaPad 710S is impressive at up to 7 hours. This laptop is a great companion for those who travel a lot. The main connectivity features include two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, and a USB Type C port to connect external devices.


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Fingerprint scanner


  • Not a good choice for editing

72. Huawei Matebook 13

Huawei Matebook 13
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Another decent laptop you can buy for less than $800 is the Huawei Matebook 13. It boasts a powerful 8th-generation Intel i5-8265U 1.5GHz processor, which delivers a high-performance level.

The 13-inch 2K screen has a resolution of 2160×1440 and provides the best visual display. It’s easy to use and responsive, thanks to its innovative touchscreen feature.

The Huawei Matebook 13 has a decent storage capacity of 256GB SSD memory and 8GB DDR4 RAM. DDR4 memory is more attractive because it is much faster. Huawei Matebook 13 is aluminum-made and only 2.8 pounds in weight. This makes it the ideal notebook for business people and college students.

The NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics processor powers the Huawei Matebook 13. This ensures that it can run high-end programs smoothly. The keyboard is ergonomically designed and backlit, making it very user-friendly.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Great performance 
  • Good keyboard


  • Poor battery life
  • Limited USB ports

73. HP 15t Notebook 15-dy1071wm

HP 15t Notebook 15-dy1071wm
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP 15t, a professional laptop priced under 700 dollars, excels in multitasking. This laptop is extremely lightweight at 3.90 pounds. The laptop’s core is made of hardened plastic, but it still looks impressive.

The structural components can be complemented with several productivity-focused additions, such as the Chiclet-style keyboard, white backlit support, and gesture-supported touchpad.

The HP 15t variant also features a 15.6 inch HD screen and WLED-backlit technology.

HP 15t boasts an impressive power efficiency level, a responsive touch screen, and a cumulative resolution of 1366×768 pixels.

This laptop has a white backlit keyboard and a TrueVision webcam. It also features dual-array microphones that allow for professional coverage. The dual speakers are a valuable addition when it comes to acoustics.

HP is a severe company that values connectivity and allows for Wi-Fi 5 and Type-A devices. You can also access Wi-Fi 6 support if you’re willing to spend more.

The 9-hour battery backup and fast charging support are what stand out. The HP 15t laptop is an excellent choice if you don’t care about the display but are looking for multitasking power.


  • Tenth generation processor
  • Notebook portable
  • Touch screen functionality
  • Keyboard with white backlit
  • Support for fast charging


  • The screen brightness of the base model is not sufficient
  • Wi-Fi AX Support is not available

74. Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-54-5812)

Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-54-5812)
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

If raw processing and graphics-centric performance are taken into account, the Acer Nitro 5 is the best laptop on the list. The laptop’s structural innovation is what makes it so heavy at 4.5 pounds.

This is due to the increased thermal hardware. The notebook’s cooling layout, despite being made of plastic, adds weight to the notebook. This is especially true with dual exhaust vents, dual fans, and dual exhaust vents.

The Nitro 5 boasts a 15.6-inch widescreen display panel. This screen has a perfect color match thanks to its full HD resolution and the inclusion of IPS technology. The Nitro 5 is also powered by a decent level of efficiency thanks to its LED-backlit panel.

The 9th generation Intel core processor i5 is a true powerhouse in gadget-centric performance. The maximum clock speed for single-threaded tasks such as 3D modeling and audio production is up to 4.1GHz. This laptop will suit mid-level professionals well.

The Nitro 5 is one gaming laptop that we have included on our list and boasts an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650. The featured graphics can handle high-end, and mid-range gaming titles at Full HD presets. However, the Nitro 5 can also be used for its incredible texture-handling capabilities.

You can also use the integrated VRAM of 4GB and the 128-bit bus for data transfer to this laptop for 3D graphics design and rendering.

Acer’s budget laptop is still powerful enough to run graphics and processing speeds, but it doesn’t skimp on RAM allotment. You still have access to 8GB DDR4 Ramit is capable of processing at high speeds well over 2666MHz.

The Nitro 5 increases functionality by making it possible to use USB 3.0, Type C, HDMI, Gig Ethernet, and Wi-Fi 6. This is all thanks to the Intel AX200 wireless driver. This mid-range laptop is very affordable, and the battery module can last up to 8 hours.


  • Processor H-series
  • NVIDIA GeForceGTX 1650 GPU
  • Support for Wi-Fi 6
  • Amazing Full HD Display
  • Upgradeable SSD
  • Amazing keyboard


  • It is heavier than normal
  • Storage capacity onboard is less

75. HP 15-dy1079ms

HP 15-dy1079ms
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The budget-friendly Dell 15 3000 laptop is worth considering if you’re willing to accept a 720p LED panel and a 10th generation Intel Core CPU. This notebook is heavy and comes with a standard operating system. However, it’s still a great choice because of its dual storage module and other high-value specs.

The 10th generation intel core processor i3-1005G1 can process all processing requirements at clock speeds up to 3.4GHz. The dual-core processor has 4MB of cache memory, which 8GB RAM well complements. The integrated UHD graphics card is also capable of performing satisfactorily in light gaming and display-centric enhancements.

The dual-storage space is next, presided over by the 1TB hard disk module. You also get a 128GB SSD SSD module to store the OS and other essential applications. This gadget also includes a basic keyboard as well as a decent acoustic arrangement.

It doesn’t have the best viewing angles and color accuracy. This is overcome by touch support. Ports are varied but straightforward, with Dell allowing for USB Type-A, Type-2.0, HDMI, and other functional slots. Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.1 standards ensure that connectivity is excellent.

We could only get 5 hours of battery backup on moderate use, so it isn’t an auspicious feature. This laptop is a budget option that works well if you are serious about professional work.


  • A decent amount of RAM
  • Tenth generation processor
  • Touch panel
  • A good selection of ports
  • Support for Wi-Fi 5
  • Storage module with dual storage


  • It is heavier than anticipated
  • Displays of dullness

76. Lenovo Flex 5

Lenovo Flex 5
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Lenovo Ideapad Flash 5 budget convertible is hard to find. However, if you’re willing to spend a little more than 600 dollars, this is the right option.

The Ryzen 5 400U is available in the 2-in-1 model, scaled up to 700 dollars for the Intel-powered version. High clock speeds of up to 4.0 GHz provide ample processing support for the Hexa core processor.

A Radeon Graphics card is available, which allows you to play casual games or perform basic editing tasks with precision. You can access 16GB RAM to perform multitasking efficiently and a 256GB solid-state storage module, to quickly load apps and operating systems.

Lenovo displays have slimmer bezels and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The IPS panel is more accurate in color and allows for better editing. A backlit keyboard is available with dual modes, and a webcam with an integrated shutter with a physical shutter is also included.

The Lenovo Flex 5 2-in-1 features a 360-degree hinge and support for the Active Stylus Pen. This convertible also allows you to use the device as either a tablet or laptop. Lenovo offers USB Type-A, Type C, and HDMI ports. Wi-Fi 5 is also available.

This laptop is light at 3.64 pounds. Its 10-hour battery life is what makes it stand out. This ensures unbeatable productivity and portability.


  • Hexa Core processor
  • A decent amount of RAM
  • Casual gaming supported
  • The screen that accurately displays color
  • Includes active pen support
  • Great battery backup


  • No Wi-Fi 6 support
  • Average acoustic output

77. HP Touchscreen 14 Inch

HP Touchscreen 14 Inch
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP touchscreen laptop offers a solid choice for those who want the beauty of a laptop with the added benefit of touchscreen technology. This compact laptop weighs in at just three pounds but boasts a larger screen. It has AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Dual-Core Processor 2.6 GHz with Windows 10 OS, 8GB RAM and 128GB M.2 SSD storage, Vega 3 Graphics Card and Touchscreen display 14 inches.


  • Good battery life
  • Amazing design


  • Very slow
  • Poor keyboard

78. Acer Aspire E 15

Acer Aspire E 15
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Acer Aspire 15 is an excellent value for money at just $400. It features a powerful 8th Gen Core i3 CPU and many ports. The battery lasts slightly longer this year, at just over 9 hours, despite the power upgrade. 

Although the laptop’s black flat deck is made from chunky plastic, its brushed metal texture gives it an upscale look. 2018 Aspire E 15 has 6GB RAM and retains its USB Type-C and a DVD writer. 

Even when playing a YouTube video at 1080p, the laptop could load 10 Firefox tabs quickly. Because the keys are well-spaced and springy, it is easy to use the keyboard. The Aspire E 15 laptop is a premium option for the price.


  • Strong performance
  • Lots ports
  • Good battery life


  • Bulky design

79. HP Stream 11

HP Stream 11
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Depending on the model, you won’t find a better Windows laptop than HP Stream 11. The HP Stream 11 is a lightweight, portable laptop that measures just 0.7 inches in thickness and weighs 2.5 pounds. Even though our model has a dull, black finish, the HP Stream 11 is adorable for its small size.

Although Stream 11 is not cheap, it can handle 10 Microsoft Edge tabs and a 1080p YouTube clip. Our battery test showed that the system lasted 9 hours and 19 mins. Although the keyboard is a bit cramped, it has decent essential travel. The HP Stream 11 laptop is an excellent choice for those on a budget.


  • Long battery life
  • Better performance compared to competitors
  • Incredibly cheap


  • Washed out low-resolution display
  • Awful webcam

80. HP Chromebook x2

HP Chromebook x2
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP Chromebook x2 was not available before, but it has now been priced below $500. The HP Chromebook x2 has many features that budget laptops lack, including a bright 2400 x 1600 display and a pair of solid speakers. 

The 2400x 1600-pixel panel of the HP Chromebook was a highlight as we watched Captain Marvel’s trailer. The x2’s display displayed great colors, from Captain Marvel’s jade uniform to the rich, dark black corridor she walked down.

The Chromebook x2 also features a comfortable keyboard, a fast-charging battery, and a battery life of nearly 9 hours. The cherry on top of the Chromebook x2 is HP’s Active Pen. It was able to keep up with our fastest drawings. The HP Chromebook x2 Chromebook is one of the most affordable Chromebooks.


  • Bright, high-resolution display
  • All-day battery lifetime
  • Comfortable typing experience


  • It is a little heavier than other convertibles
  • The Core m3 CPU isn’t the fastest

81. Acer Swift 1

Acer Swift 1
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Acer Swift 1 is a lightweight, sleek 14-inch laptop that costs less than $400. It features a complete aluminum chassis and a large number of ports. Combine that with a battery that lasts 10 hours and 14 mins on a single charge and a 14-inch screen that gives you a full 1080p display.

Acer Swift 1 comes with an Intel Pentium Silver N5000 processor, 4GB, and 64GB eMMC storage. This is enough to allow you to manage at least 10 Google Chrome tabs without losing your computer to slowdowns. 

A decent 720p webcam is included with the Swift 1, which is quite surprising considering it’s a budget laptop. If you are looking for something light, the Acer Swift 1 laptop is a great choice.


  • Lightweight aluminum chassis 
  • Long battery life
  • Wide variety of ports


  • Displays are dull and dim
  • There are a few quirks in the build quality

82. HP Chromebook 15

HP Chromebook 15
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP Chromebook 15 is the best choice if you are looking for a Chromebook that has a larger, sharper display at a lower price. You get a Chromebook packed with Core i3 performance, a comfortable keyboard, and a refreshing design for $469. 

The hood is made of white metal and features a shiny, silver HP logo on the top left. The HP Chromebook 15 has a circular, round hinge that curves inward at each end. This gives it a more refined, soft look.

You also get a battery that will last you 9 hours and 51 seconds. The device also has many ports, including two USB Type C ports and a USB Type-A port. Although the display isn’t very colorful, it has excellent real estate and is sharp and bright. This laptop is easily the most affordable.


  • Battery life is excellent
  • Overall strong performance


  • Warm screen

83. Samsung Chromebook 4

Samsung Chromebook 4
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is the best Chromebook for looking for a highly affordable Chromebook. The battery tested it for 10 hours and 36 minutes, making it the most durable laptop under $500. 

The Samsung Chromebook 4’s curved edges and silver color look a lot like many MacBook copies we’ve seen. The aluminum top is a lot nicer than we expected. However, the laptop’s cost shows through the plastic body.

The Samsung Chromebook 4’s 4GB RAM and Intel Celeron 3000N processor provide decent multitasking power, especially considering the price. The machine is ideal for those who only use it to type. 

However, the keyboard and audio quality are not up to standard. It’s still a very portable laptop, thanks to its lightweight and decent performance.


  • Battery life is long
  • Thinner and lighter than the competitors
  • Excellent performance


  • Dim display with no touch

84. Samsung Chromebook 3

Samsung Chromebook 3
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Samsung Chromebook 3 laptop is perfect and affordable. The screen is brighter than other laptops at 259 nits. The 4GB RAM and Intel Celeron processor allow it to handle multiple browser tabs. Its battery can last for almost 10 hours. 

The webcam is also outstanding, featuring Instagram-ready live filters that allow for video chats and multi-shot mode. Samsung’s Chromebook runs the Google Chrome OS operating software (which is mainly web-based and supports Android apps) and has 32GB flash storage.

The only thing that isn’t perfect about this Chromebook is the fact that it gets warm quickly. So make sure you have a laptop stand on while you’re tweeting. This Chromebook is affordable and cool, despite the heat.


  • Very affordable
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Bright screen
  • Amazing performance


  • Placement of a button that is awkward
  • Warm runs

85. Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft Surface Go 2
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is a wildcard to add to this list. It’s a hybrid laptop that can serve double duty as both a laptop for road warriors and a tablet for Windows 10. The Surface Go 2 is not much different than its predecessor. 

Microsoft has made one minor upgrade to its display size, which now fits a 10.5-inch screen. This still produces bright, vivid colors. When the Type-Cover accessory is included, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 shines. The Surface Go 2 tablet is priced at $399, and the Type-Cover accessory adds $498 to the price. 

However, it’s still a small but capable laptop. To keep costs down to $500, you will need to accept a 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC storage processor from Intel Pentium Gold. 

This is not a massive set of specs, but it should suffice for those who need a 2-in-1 device to perform light productivity tasks such as web browsing, word processing, and sending out emails.

If you don’t feel like working on the move, you can load up movies and videos, along with a few indie titles, via Steam compatibility. 

You can then use these to entertain yourself during your commute. The Surface Go 2’s battery life is longer than its predecessor and should last for a decent amount of time without needing to be connected to a power source.


  • Battery life is much longer
  • Bright, colorful, and more considerable screen
  • Amazing webcam


  • Performance is not enough to impress

86. HP Chromebook 11

HP Chromebook 11
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Although it won’t win any awards for its design with the new-for-2020 display bezels and large-sized screen, the HP Chromebook 11 costs only $239. It’s ideal for backpacking, in-the-field work, and giving to children as their first computer.

It’s OK to choose function over form in Gray because it allows the HP Chromebook 11 with two USB-C ports and two USB Type-A ports, and a micro SD card reader. Not bad for a Chromebook. With a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, the display won’t wow anyone.

However, this means that the Intel Celeron N3350 processor and 4GB RAM will run apps at this resolution. Although 32GB of eMMC storage won’t impress, it’s not necessary for this machine. 

This Chromebook is a great bargain bucket Chromebook that you can either give to your children or use as a secondary or even tertiary device.


  • Great for school and travel
  • There are many ports


  • Display bezels that are ugly
  • Weak spec

87. HP Chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP Chromebook 14 is an excellent example of balancing a low price with high-quality capabilities. Although it is similar in many ways to the Acer Chromebook 15, this 14-inch Chromebook looks slightly better and is smaller. 

The HP Chromebook 14 is characterized by a brilliant blue finish and a screen that amazes and offers the best value for money of any Chromebook – even though the battery life and performance are below average.

It is incredibly lightweight and slim, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable laptop they can carry around. 

This laptop is perfect for a workstation while you relax on the sofa. It also comes with a lot of ports. This makes it an extremely versatile laptop, especially considering the price.


  • Excellent trackpad and keyboard
  • Clear, vibrant screen


  • Slower than some of its competitors
  • Battery life average

88. HP 15-ef0021nr

HP 15-ef0021nr
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP 15-ef0021nr laptop is a compact and lightweight option that costs less than 400 dollars. It also doesn’t sacrifice its processing power. 

Although the device may appear plastic-made, its polycarbonate chassis adds credibility to the laptop and exceeds aesthetic expectations. The laptop is lightweight at 3.75 pounds, which adds to its portability.

The 15.6-inch HD display from HP is bright enough for this price range. Brightview display technology is what steals the show. It has an overall resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The micro-edge paneling enhances the screen-to–chassis ratio by up to 82 percent, making it large enough to stream and indulge in creative pursuits.

The AMD Ryzen 3 3200U CPU provides the highest processing power at a maximum boost speed of up to 3.0GHz. This dual-core APU features the AMD Radeon Vega 3 integrated graphics processor. The 8GB RAM module is next in line, which is fast enough to perform efficient multitasking.

If you’re primarily into MS-Office-backed content creation or media consumption, the 256GB SSD will be more than enough storage. This laptop comes with Windows 10 Home Edition, which is the operating system.

The laptop also features a standard keyboard with good essential travel and a dedicated numeric keypad. It also has powerful speakers and various ports, including Type-C, Type A, and HDMI.

The battery module’s current capacity for autonomy is capable of lasting up to 11 hours. The HP 15-ef0021nr laptop is a budget option that’s stylish and affordable.


  • APU that is performance-oriented
  • A large chunk of RAM
  • Wide-angle LED-backlit display
  • A battery that lasts for years
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Heats up faster than normal
  • 1366 x 768 pixels seems small for a 15.6-inch screen

89. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Chromebook Flex 3 by Lenovo is a 2-in-1 laptop that excels in aesthetics and portability. This gadget weighs in at 2.97 pounds and is lightweight. It also features a 360-degree hinge that allows for multi-mode use. 

The 13-inch screen is exceptionally sharp and has the highest brightness level of laptops below 400 dollars. The overall resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is what stands out. 

This is followed by sharper viewing angles, a responsive touch screen display, and a more accurate color representation. The 10th-gen Intel core processor can process high levels, but it is most well-known for its lower TDP levels. 

Although the base clock speed is average at 2.1GHz, the UHD GPU coprocessor pushes it to the limit. This allows you to perform moderately demanding graphics-centric and academic tasks.

The 4GB RAM is an adequate but not sufficient memory resource. The 64GB solid-state module follows this. Chrome OS is also available at Lenovo. This allows you to better connect with the internet domain.

The Chromebook laptop features a unique UI that is best described by Google Suite, a feature-packed platform, and an easy-to-setup interface. You also have access to a standard keyboard and dual speakers front-facing, as well as a touchpad and a complete professional suite. 

The outstanding collection of ports includes Type-C, Type A, and many more. You also have access to Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6. The battery feature can last for approximately 10 hours on one charge.


  • Sharp IPS display
  • It is simple to use
  • Stereo speakers with robust sound quality
  • Standard Wi-Fi 6
  • Tenth generation processor


  • It lacks the functionality of Windows 10’s operating system
  • Not for power users

90. Lenovo Ideapad 310-15.6″ HD

Lenovo Ideapad 310-15.6" HD
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Lenovo Ideapad 310-15.6 inch HD gaming laptop is another in our collection. This multimedia laptop is fast and responsive, with enhanced audio and great display and graphics. Stereo speakers with Dolby technology, a 15.6 inch HD screen, and stereo speakers combine to provide clear visuals and high-quality sound. 

You don’t need to worry about where your data, videos, and music are stored. You can add storage to save or transfer files with a 4-in-1 card reader (SDHC, SDXC, and SDHC). Intel(r) 7th Generation Core(TM) processors are the new benchmark in PC performance. 

This powerful processor, packed with features, will allow you to increase your productivity, creativity, and 3D gaming. The 7th Gen Intel Core processor will enable you to expand your imagination and explore more possibilities by allowing Windows 10’s exciting features. You can store up to 128GB SSD.


  • Design and construction of a descent
  • Excellent application performance
  • Gaming ready
  • Lots of storage space
  • Nearly no heat emissions


  • There is no backlit keyboard
  • Slow SD card reader
  • Bad Touchpad controls
  • Noisy hard drive

91. HP OMEN 15

Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The beautiful demon arrived at our door with a 15-inch 4K UHD panel. It’s vibrant, clear, and dances with vibrant warm colors. The Omen’s heart is powered internally by an Intel Core i7-10750H processor and a capable Nvidia GeForce RTX2070 Super with Max Q 8GB VRAM.

The Omen 15 is a fun gaming laptop with solid specs but some quirks that you’ll have to adapt to. Remember to plug it in. The review model is priced at $1,549.99. It includes an Intel Core i7-10750H processor, 16GB RAM, a 1TB M.2PCIe NVMe SSD, and an Nvidia GeForce RTX2070 Super with Max Q GPU 8GB VRAM. It also has a 15-inch 4K display.

The $849 base model includes a 15-inch FHD IPS display and an 8GB RAM. The Nvidia GeForce GTX1650 GPU is included. A 256GB SSD is also included.


  • Beautiful 4K panel
  • Audio quality is excellent
  • Video performance and rendering are excellent
  • Overall strong performance
  • Keep your running cool


  • Battery life is terrible
  • Heavy

92. Lenovo IdeaPad 1

Lenovo IdeaPad 1 (11)
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The 11-inch Lenovo IdeaPad 1 is an excellent choice for those who prefer a tablet-sized device. It’s now much cheaper than ever. It weighs in at just three pounds, and it’s powerful enough to handle your productivity tasks. 

You won’t have to take the charger along with you if you travel light because it has an eight-hour battery. You can also enjoy media on the bed with the built-in stereo speaker. It’s excellent for light productivity tasks but not for those who are enrolling.


  • Portable
  • Absolutely cheap


  • Expect not to have a lot of power

93. Asus VivoBook X540MA – GQ024T

Asus VivoBook X540MA - GQ024T
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Asus Vivobook X540MA–GQ024T is a top choice for laptops under 300 dollars. It comes with Windows 10 and is ideal for daily use. It features a 15.60-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

It also features an HD LED Backlit anti-glare technology. The laptop’s fast processor, an Intel Celeron N4000 processor, and 4GB RAM make it easy to navigate multiple applications at once. This laptop is also equipped with a 500GB HDD storage, making it one of the most affordable Asus laptops below $300.


  • High resolution allows for crisp and transparent displays.
  • Easy to transport and lightweight
  • This price range offers a lot of storage, with 500GB.
  • It has lots of RAM, which allows it to run multiple applications at once without any slowdown.
  • USB 3.0 can transfer files at 10x the speed of USB 2.0.


  • Windows Home Basic is not compatible with Windows Enterprise, Professional, or Ultimate for office use.
  • USB ports are fewer
  • Average configuration

94. Acer Aspire 3 A315

Acer Aspire 3 A315
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Acer Aspire 3 laptop is the best value for money, with great features and affordable prices. The 15.6-inch screen is stunning with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 1 TB HDD storage. 

This laptop is one of the most affordable core i3 laptops, with a premium exterior and a 1.8 GHz Intel Celeron Processor 3867. It also has 4GB expandable RAM.


  • High-speed performance
  • Anti-glare Screen Technology
  • To make typing easy even in darkness, use the backlit keyboard
  • USB 3.0 allows for faster file transfers than USB 2.0.
  • Easy upgrade
  • The price is right for the quality and design.
  •  Huge HDD storage capacities of up to 1TB


  • Low-quality webcam
  • The display is not very bright
  • No VGA port
  • Basic Windows OS is not recommended for heavy office usages.

95. Hp 245

Hp 245
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The HP 245 G5 is another efficient HP laptop under 300 dollars. The HP 245 G5 is a business-friendly laptop with its professional appearance and powerful AMD APU quad-core processor.

Additional HP software is included on the laptop that isn’t available on comparable devices at this price. Its DOS operating system, a 14-inch display, is rugged, lightweight, and small enough for business. It is lightweight and can be carried around with ease, thanks to its 500GB HDD storage.


  • Multiple applications can run with no lag when there is plenty of RAM
  • 1-year warranty on-site, so you don’t have to leave the house in case of any repairs
  • A lock port is intended to be used as an Anti-Theft System
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable viewing with anti-glare
  • Free DOS OS


  • There is no full HD display

96. Asus Vivobook E12

Asus Vivobook E12
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Asus E12 is another Asus laptop below 300 dollars. The Asus E12 is another budget-friendly Asus laptop. It uses the Intel Celeron Dual Core N3350 processor to run at a speed of 1.1GHz. 

You can increase it to 2.3 GHz. It also has 2GB RAM and 500GB HDD storage at an affordable price. This laptop is the perfect mini laptop for those looking for a budget laptop under $300. 

The laptop is available in a variety of colors. It has a matte exterior finish and a glossy interior. It’s elegant, durable, and sturdy.


  • Even with heavy video streaming, the battery can last up to ten hours.
  • Additional features include Asus Tru2life video technology and Asus Splendid
  • Display technology to enhance sharpness, contrast, and color
  • You can also enjoy enhanced audio with Asus SonicMaster technology
  • International hardware warranty for 1-year
  • Very cheap


  • Only 2GB RAM, which is slower than 4GB RAM devices
  • No optical drive
  • No MS office installed
  • No VGA port

97. iBall Compbook – M500

 iBall Compbook - M500
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The iBall Compbook, a compact and lightweight laptop that can be carried around everywhere you go, is extremely light. FHD IPS technology ensures that video streaming and picture viewing are clear and accurate. The 14-inch screen allows for a 180-degree view. 

The laptop is one of the best gaming laptops below $300. The iBall has many of the same features as other devices, but it is much more affordable and offers a lower price.

The iBall comes with Windows 10 OS and Cortana and software such as Edge browser or Antivirus Defender. This device is an excellent choice if you are looking for the most advanced features on laptops under 300 dollars but at a reasonable price.


  • High-resolution screen with 1920×1080 resolution and 157 PPI
  • 64-bit Windows
  • Software extensions such as Edge browser and Cortana
  • USB 3.0 port allows for quick file transfer


  • No VGA port
  • Only one USB port
  • 32GB storage is a limit (although expandable memory up to 128GB is possible)
  • No anti-glare display
  • No optical drive
  • There are fewer cores, which can cause it to lag when too many applications are running at once.

98. HP 14S

HP 14S
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Although it is priced below 600 dollars, this HP 14s laptop is one of the most powerful and balanced on the list. The latest Intel Core i3 10th gen processor is included. It also features an SSD storage option, which is faster than hard drive-based laptops. 

It is light at 3.24 pounds making it one of our most lightweight laptops. It comes with 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD-based storage. Windows 10 Home edition OS is included. The laptop also features fast charging technology that can charge half of your battery in just 45 minutes. 

It also features all the ports you need, including several USB 3.0 ports and a full-sized HDMI port. You can also use the HP 14s’ 720p webcam for decent video calling quality.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good display quality


  • Poor battery life
  • No light on keyboard 

99. iBall Slide WQ149R 

iBall Slide WQ149R 
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The iBall Slide WQ149R Windows 10 laptop has a 10.10-inch display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. It comes with 2GB RAM and an Atom Quad-Core CPU. The iBall Slide SQ149R has 32GB of SSD storage.

It offers connectivity options such as Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth, and 2 USB ports. HDMI Ports, Multi Card Slots, Mic In, RJ45 (LAN), and multi-card slots.


  • Good keyboard


  • Battery takes while to charge
  • Poor Battery 

100. Dell Vostro 3401

Dell Vostro 3401
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

The Dell Vostro 3401 14-inch laptop is less than $600. This laptop comes with a 10th Generation Intel Core i3 CPU and 4GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM.

It is a painful truth that 4GB is the maximum memory allowed. RAM cannot be expanded. For Microsoft Office, Excel, and other non-resource-hungry software, however, 4GB DDR4 RAM should suffice.

For enhanced viewing, the 14-inch 1080p FHD panel has a brightness of 220 nits and vivid color. This display is exceptional in quality.

The laptop comes with a firewall and is very secure. Security chip TPM 2.0. It is integrated into the motherboard. The TPM 2.0 chip stores and generates encrypted keys and passwords. It also protects your data from external threats. 

This laptop is ideal for trading and office work. The Dell Vostro 3401 also offers superior storage options. The laptop comes with a 1 TB hard drive and 256GB SSD Super Fast SSD. The 256GB SSD (C Drive) can be used for installing and running the software. 

However, the 1TB HDD can be used for large files, media, documents, and other large files.

This Dell laptop has various connectivity ports, including USB 3.2 Gen 1 and USB 2,0 ports.


  • High-Quality
  • With SSD + HDD combination, adequate storage
  • Battery life is compact and decent


  • Ram is not expandable

101. Mi Notebook 14 – XMA1901-FL Intel Core i5-10210U 10th Gen Laptop

101. Mi Notebook 14 – XMA1901-FL Intel Core i5-10210U 10th Gen Laptop
Image Source Google | Image by amazon.com

Xiaomi’s entry-level laptop, 14 inches in size, features a metal body with anodized sandblasted exteriors. The laptop measures just 18mm in thickness and weighs 3.30 pounds.

There are three versions of the Mi Notebook 14, all featuring the same 10thgen Intel Core I5 10210U processor. The maximum clock speed of 4.2GHz other standard features includes the 8GB RAM that cannot be upgraded and the non-upgradable.

The base variant comes with a 256GB SATA SSD. The middle variant adds 512GB to the storage. This model comes with integrated UHD620 graphics.

The Mi Notebook has three USB ports and one HDMI. This allows for limited connectivity. At this price, one would expect the model to include a Type C USB connection. The Mi 14 supports dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac as well as Bluetooth v5.0.


  • FHD screens
  • Lightweight


  • It has SSD storage but a SATA interface which limits its speed.
  • Doesn’t have a USB Type C port. 

What are the top things to look out for when shopping for a new laptop?

You can make sure you get the best laptop price for your money by paying attention to these things when you buy a new laptop in 2021.

Before you buy a laptop, make sure to check out the specifications. This is a great way to quickly see how powerful your laptop is and what it can do – provided you have a clear understanding of what you are looking for.

The processor is an essential part of a laptop. The processor is the heart of a laptop. AMD or Intel can make it. Despite being the most common CPU manufacturer for laptops, we see more AMD-powered laptops.

Intel processors provide a better performance, but AMD processors offer more excellent value.

Both Intel and AMD have made it easier by naming their processors. This gives you an idea of the tasks that a laptop equipped with that processor can do.

A budget laptop is the best option for basic tasks such as browsing the internet or watching Netflix. It will come with an Intel Pentium or Intel Core i3 processor.

You may want something more powerful, such as a laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor or AMD Ryzen 5 processor.

Laptops with the Intel Core i7/Core i9 or AMD Ryzen 7 processors are best for media creation and other complex tasks. These processors are the best laptops for media creation and more complex tasks. However, they can be found in some of the most expensive laptops.

Keep an eye on the processor’s age. Intel gives its processors several generations. The higher the generation, the more recent it is. Although the newest generation is the 10, 9th generation, Intel Core processors also have a very recent generation.

The newer processors are more efficient and perform better, so the battery will last longer. These processors are, however, more costly.

RAM (random access memory) is another important specification that you should look for in a laptop. For a Windows laptop, you will need at least 4GB. However, many people would prefer 8GB. This will ensure your laptop’s reliability for many years.

You don’t have to worry about graphics because laptop processors include integrated graphics. If you plan to play PC games, you will need a gaming laptop with either Nvidia or AMD’s discrete GPU.

Battery life considerations

Battery life is the last thing you need to consider. This is probably the most important thing you should consider when buying a laptop. Laptops that are the best must be capable of allowing you to work and play for hours without needing to plug in a power adapter. 

Laptops have become more efficient, which means they last longer. A laptop must have a minimum of five hours of battery life.

Keep in mind that your experience with your laptop’s battery life may be different from what the manufacturer claims. Laptop makers often test their batteries in controlled environments, with laptops being used differently than you would. 

A laptop may have a battery life of 10 hours, but you might find your battery life is shorter when it’s being used for streaming high-definition content or other tasks.

What type of laptop is right for you?

Laptops for general use: Where are the best laptops at a low price? These devices are more practical than stylish, portable, or powerful. They can be speedy, but they are usually less expensive than Ultrabook laptops with HD screens and spinning drives.

Ultraviolet: You’ll find notebooks with SSD storage and displays that exceed 1080p. These notebooks are packed with powerful but mobile-centric components and have long battery life. Best Ultraviolet It will cost you $700 to $2,000.

2-in-1 laptops: The location of notebooks that double up as tablets. These are the addresses of notebooks that double as tablets. Surface Book 2 may be ways away; however, many of the best 2-in-1 laptops are now available. These hybrids come with detachable or 360-degree rotating hinges and are the best way to use Windows 10 (or Chrome OS on a touchscreen).

Chromebooks: You’ll find it where you look best Chromebooks Chrome OS. These browsers do many of the same things like Windows and macOS but are more focused on cloud storage than local. Recently, they have Android app support for touchscreen models. They are usually less expensive than $300. Some can even withstand—a little bit of a tussle.

Gaming laptops: You need a laptop to play your favorite games, almost as well as a desktop computer. You’ll need one of these. Best gaming laptops, these machines can be used to make various things. These machines can be purchased for as little as $800 or as much up to $3,000. AMD’s Ryzen laptop professors, they’re the easiest to use. You can also check out the Best gaming laptop deals at a great price.

A Hybrid laptop-tablets: Tablet-first approach to laptop/tablet hybrids were used to design the best Windows tablets. These touchscreens are capable of displaying high-definition images. Sometimes they have kickstands built into their frames or keyboard covers. They are available in a range of price points, from the budget to the most expensive.


If you read this article carefully, then now you must have an idea to buy a perfect laptop for you, this article has had lots of toil and time to complete. Is this guide helpful for you or not? Let us know by sounding off in the comment section below.


Which laptops are the most durable?

MacBook Pro

The new processor made the MacBook Pro more powerful and increased its battery life by up to 18 hours. This laptop has been thoroughly tested, and we get at least 12 hours of use per charge. This laptop is the most durable we have tested.

Is it worth spending on a touchscreen laptop?

It’s worth looking at a laptop with a touch screen if you aren’t sure which model to buy. The 2-in-1 convertible and hybrid laptops that have touch screens are becoming more popular than ever. Although touch screens for laptops have advanced a lot, they are still limited by various hardware and software problems.

Which is better, HP or Dell?

The processors from Dell are faster and more reliable than HP, as well as having better specifications. Most of the processors offered by Dell are from Intel. There can also be a difference in Cores that are provided with laptops.

Is Lenovo more potent than HP?

The Lenovo laptops are known for their excellent design, great functionality, and outstanding display features. They are also very affordable. HP is also highly praised for its design and especially for its audio quality. It does tend to be less responsive to display features than Lenovo.

Are Microsoft laptops worth it?

Microsoft’s laptop was also reliable in video rendering. It converted a 4K video file from one format to another in under two minutes. Although the Surface Laptop 4 doesn’t have a gaming function, the integrated Intel Iris Xe graphic processor makes it perfect for those titles that are less demanding.

Is HP a Chinese company?

Hewlett-Packard, or HP, is another well-known brand for laptops. It is based in the USA. In 1939, Bill Hewlett founded the company with David Packard. The headquarters of the company is located in California, USA. It employs over 66,000 people. There are many laptops from HP to choose from.

Is Lenovo more powerful than Asus?

Although most Lenovo laptops are well-known for their durability, solid performance, great design, and portability, they still fall short of Asus. One study found that Lenovo had a 21.5% rate of malfunctions compared to Asus’ 15.6%.

Is it any laptop under 100 or laptop under 200 dollars available on Amazon?


Is a laptop durable enough to last ten years?

Yes. A laptop can last up to 10 years if it is well maintained. The first thing to go is usually the battery. You can replace it or keep your laptop plugged in.

How long do laptops last?

Many years, if you take care of it.

Where to buy laptops?

Amazon and Flipkart are the best options.

What to do with old laptops?

Sell it, if you are not using your old laptops.


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